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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelsagain, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. Some parents should be sterilised.
    What the hell is wrong with people?

    HUNGRY children as young as six broke into a Mount Isa pre-school looking for food at the weekend.

    Two six year olds were among 10 children aged 14 and younger caught by police for seven break-and-enters within a 48-hour period.

    Mount Isa Police Station's Sergeant Chris McLoughlin was stunned when he found two small children stuffing their faces with food from a pre-school refrigerator on Saturday night. The officers were called to Sunset Pre-School on Abel Smith Drive about 11.30pm to reports of an alarm and caught the kids in the act.

    "The kids that I caught were eating food out of the fridges because they're hungry," he said. "They were also found with camera equipment but what these kids really wanted was food. "When I first saw them I thought they were only four because they were so little and undernourished."

    But what shocked officers even more was the reaction they received when they dropped the children at home.

    "When I was attending the children's homes they didn't seem concerned that their six-year-old kids were missing," he said. "They didn't know how long they had been gone for, where they were, who they were with – it's just horrendous. "Who knows what could have happened to them?"

    Police also found another two children believed to be involved with the school break-in trying to break into cars on Cook Crescent. "They were trying car door handles and attempting to enter yards," he said.

    The four children were taken home.

    Only a short time later police and the dog squad were called to another school break-in.

    This time it was Spin Effects Junior Campus on Fifth Avenue. The officers found a young boy and girl inside a classroom with a collection of stolen property.

    Schools are not the only break-in targets.
    There were three attempted break-ins and two successful entries within 48 hours at the Eastern Suburbs Bowls Club. The pint-sized perpetrators were involved in another break-in at the Townies Leagues Club. Sgt McLoughlin said the officers had referred the cases on to the Child Protection and Investigation Unit (CPIU) and the Department of Child Safety in an attempt to fix the problem. "Punishing them is not the answer," he said.

    "It's a behaviour they learn from an early age and it's hard to fix as they get older. No barriers are put on them so they do whatever they want.

    "Due to their age they will receive behavioural counselling with CPIU."

    From HERE
  2. One thing I've noticed about Isa is the large number of feral kids - though there's no valid excuse for anyone not to have enough money for food (most would have plenty if they cut back on the booze and/or smokes).
  3. Conspicuous absence of description of the children ... I wonder why?
  4. No need to print the almost obvious I guess. :shock:
    Still comes back to parental and moral responsability regardless of race, colour or religion.
  5. Of course it does; any parent who doesn't think it's strange when the police bring his child home has a bigger problem than the child......
  6. All parents have bigger problems than their child. That's where the child's problems come from.