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Stepping up! with the blessing of the girl!!!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ward_4e, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Triumph Sprint 1050 ST 2006

  2. Honda VFR800 2006

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  1. Ok people I value your opinions... why? god really knows, most of you will suggest somthing other than the bikes I want but I dont care. I need some imput on my next bike and its a real tearing choice! :roll:

    I've been riding non stop on '01 TT600 since I killed my 98' CBR600F LOVED both these bikes so the next step up in each brand for me is a killer. The VFR800! and the Sprint 1050!!! I have a plan with my brother that we will leave my place Hobart with or with out girlfriends and travel all the east coast of Australia to my brothers place in Brisbane where we will continue up to Cairns to celebrate New Years 2009-10!!!

    I've had my girl who loves to ride and its seriousl... not going away so I've had a sit with her on both of these bikes and she loves them both and has said "its up to you" :roll: damn I have to chose Mw hahahwa :twisted: More than ample room for her, bike rack, paniers and tank bag.. etc So now its down to brand loyalty!!!

    I'm a bit whoreish in this department... with standards!! So as long as I get a good ride from the bike I dont care which brand so I'm organising a ride on the sprint but I have to come up with $1000 for the bessing of the dealer. so in 6mths... I have a friend with a VFR800 who will be back from Europe in 6mths. So Till then I have no sense of either bikes...

    Thats where you lot come in... Your votes may sway me to the darkside and the VFR... but I'm after your opinions on both bikes.
  2. I love the look of the Triumph, I have not ridden either so my opinion is two fifths of five tenths of stuff all :LOL:

    The only question that really comes to mind is if you are doing a lot of touring is, does the Triumph have an extensive dealer/workshop network like I assume the Honda does? :?

    I would hate to be stuck in Port Douglas waiting for a part or would I? GO the trumpy!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. A mate of mine recently got the Sprint, apparently it was the best in terms of pillion comfort as selected by the gf. Looks and goes pretty good too :wink:
  4. i like both of the bikes, are you looking at a spanker or second hand??
    i was in a Honda dealer over her last weekend and for about $10kish you can get a pretty good low K pre loved VFR with extras (pipe, racks, etc)
  5. I don't know enough about the Triumph to comment on both bikes, but with a brother who wants to be buried with his VFR, it's that good (and a '94 model) I'd say go for the Honda. And get the Gold Package Honda Roadside Assistance deal, too..
  6. I am a honda man, but in saying that I would go the trumpy, only problem I can see is what matti already stated, whats the backup like but if thats all your going to make the decision on then its the honda otherwise the sprint would be a much better tourer that the vfr :wink:
  7. Have always had a soft spot for the VFR ........ just something about the look/feel/sound :)
  8. MATTI... I really dont care about an extensive "every man and his dog" dealer networks that charges 1st world prices for 3rd world parts, serivice quality and backup... I have nothing against brands but we all know the cowboys out there making it hell... You know the kind of dealerships you have to sieve, bash and burn you way through the clutter to find one good dealer who will bend over backwards to help you over the life of you bike...

    LOTUS... duchy here in hobart alowed me to sit on the back of his with my girl, without that I would never have gotten the blessing to go forth and drool over the next level bikes...

    WOODSY... Its from new. I want a bike no one has owned. I've been told by the older crowd that there is no feeling like wearing in you own bike to exactly how you like it... It will have the first couple of services done here in Tas at Motorworks then go sieving in melb... so long as they dont scrap the other two ferries on me...
  9. what about buying a bike from here in Vic?? i've had a couple of mates come here to buy bikes & cars because the Tass dealers think they have a monopoly and wont crunch on prices.

    if you go past my way you're more than welcome to crash at my place for a few nights. actualy crash is probably a bad word to use, how about stay.
  10. VFR, all the way, especially with wanting to do a tour, nothing like a V4 to keep you tootling up and down the coast. And when you want to scare the pants off yourself, the Viffer just grins at you all the way.

    Yes, I am biased :demon: :demon: :demon:
  11. yep... the cbr cost me 2 grand less from Spot-On than bought privatley or dealship here in tas... plus I got a full service, new slintered front and rear pads and new chain and sprockets. the gravel on the road was free tho... and so was the pain.. :roll:

    yes If I'm in melb it would be nice to stay somwhere but if I'm with my girl then its a hotel in the city...

    On the bikes I went to the trump website and the honda website... their costs for the vfr and sprint are:

    VFR: Price $17,490 + ORC (includes GST)*
    * Does not include freight, pre-delivery or government charges.

    Sprint: $15,990 plus on road costs & dealer delivery

    so they are similarly priced... $1500 is alot of fun tho...
  12. City!!! dirty word, i'm south east about 80K at the start of gippsland, depending on when your here i'd even be happy to take some time off work and show you some of the local sights. On the bikes of course.
  13. Havent riden either but as far as looks go triumph power triumph,
  14. I won't make a choice because I love them both, but you might like to consider that many people have said they preferred the pre-2003, pre-VTEC VFR to the current one. A matter of personal preference I suppose, but the earlier one is less complicated and better on fuel (if that matters to you). Either way, you can't go wrong.