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Stepping up to a bigger bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bebopper71, May 1, 2013.

  1. Hi all
    I am about to get onto my full license am an older (41) rider and am pretty confidant.
    What I will be wanting from the new big is that it is able to pinion for say two / four hours at a time for country riding in fact 90% of time spent on the bike will be pleasure riding in this fashion (live not far from ballarat) would prefer fairing and would be ok with a cruiser. I know some people hate them but I am in no hurry to get anywhere fast and don't feel the need to hammer through the twisties. One of the big factors is price as I will only have between 5500 and 6500 to spend so second hand it is that said how many Kms is to many for a say a 750 to 1000cc bike .. ( though am happy to go bigger if older with more Kms work out better)

    Sorry if this sounds a little well umm urr lame but kind of hoping a few of you guys can point me in the right direction

  2. What about a sports tourer like a blackbird or a VFR800 ?
  3. Hey Udlose thanks for the suggestions I will google them up if I was looking at something this size what sort of Kms would I expect them to have on them and be in budget and be worth buying ??
  4. An FZ1 might also be worth throwing into the mix. Easy bike to ride, reliable motor, pretty good 2 up and can be riden gently or in anger.
  5. I will be watching this closely, I can't wait to step up to a grunter bike, really like the bulie m90 but think a more sensible step would be the m50. Only 10 months to go but who's counting
  6. They are in your price range, you should be able to get something with around 60,000km. Get on bikesales and have a look for them. You can also search for all bikes in your price range with your desired engine size and Km etc, it'll help you discover what's out there then you can research the specific models when you have a short list of bikes.
  7. A 2004 or 5 Vstar1100 is in your price range, most for sale have around 50k on the odometer, mine has over 120k and has never had any mechanical issues.

    with saddle/rackbags you can pack enough for 2 people easily.

    A wider rear seat is a must for the pillions comfort.

    it sits comfortably cruising around 130km/h 2up.

    mine is a classic with floor boards, they scrape through turns when you lean the bike over but it is nothing to worry about.

    lots you can do to mod and customise it to your liking.

    cons: would be better if it was a six speed, and the range is not real great, but you might get better millage if you don't ride that hard.
  8. For a cruiser, any well looked after Yam will work for you. they come in a range of sizes, weight, power and age.

    For a decent all rounder, I would add my +1 to the chaps recommending VFR's, they do most things well

    Condition/mileage/history is more important than age.

    Throw a leg over a couple of different types of ride before you commit, find out what works for you and take it from there.

    Good luck.
  9. XVS 1100 at Horsham HD dealers yesterday
    In budget and nice bike
    Already set up for two up riding
    Nice big windscreen and saddle bags
  10. Bandit 1250s or GSX1250FA, older FZ1. There are so many options it's scary.

    As to how many K's is too many, well the number of K's matter little if it hasn't been well maintained.

    Ride as many different (makes/models/styles etc) bikes as you can. Decide which you like best, buy it.
  11. A pre 2005ish Honda, or non supersport Yamaha for longevity. These have been the best for me. Most of the above are good suggestions.
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    For one out of left field, how about an RF900? There are a couple of nice examples on bikesales at the moment.

    So anything Yamaha other than an R6?

    I dont think it was on beboppers short list anyway!
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  13. Honda ST1100 should be ok for you.

    This is mine.

  14. I do like the vstars and the st 1100 are on my short list as well very different bikes guess I will just have to test a few thanks for everyone input