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Stepping out from behind closed doors

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sir Skuffy, Feb 9, 2005.

  1. I was just wondering, what do poeple expect next????

    When our time comes to pass, what do people expect to happen???

    Falls asleep


    Live in the clouds


    This is something that we all have an opinion on and I would like to hear if other people feel the same way as me.... or, am I just weird..

  2. Nothing, which is actually a rather strange concept to get your head around believe me.

    Love to be wrong of course, might be nice to be a poltergeist and drive people crazy by hiding their bike keys (evil cackle).

    {Hey, I made the thread bike related }
  3. Ah, an appropriate day for enlightenment on the first day of lunar new year.

    What I think is, we all go somewhere. Who knows where, but everyone goes there. So maybe similar to the buddhism thing about 'planes of existance', but I don't think there's any such thing as 'moving up to higher planes of existance'. Probably 'next plane' is more what I think is right.

    And I think its universal, as in any and all 'life'. And I also think it happens regardless of what you've done with your life now, everyone goes to this 'next' place when they die, no heaven or hell, just 'some' place. So which leads me to believe that the things I do now, I want to do 'moralistically right' not following that principal (and rather selfish one I might add) that if I'm 'good', I'll go to heaven. It's more like, I'll live life 'good', so that others have a chance to.
  4. Worm food dude :D

    Seriously, no matter how comforting it may be, I can't force myself to believe in any higher power. I'm of the opinion that we are basically biological machines like everything else in the world. Why should my "spirit" live on while my office cactus just "dies"?

    On the other hand the energy stored in our bodies can't be destroyed and merely changes form when we cease to live just like all energy. So i guess that can be seen as life after death.

    Okay, enough deep contemplation for one day. Back to homestarrunner :D
  5. Thanks Crumpet and Takagawa.

    Keep them coming all
  6. Be not afraid, for there is a place where your licence will have an infinite number of points.
  7. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: And your tank never runneth empty
  8. Yea that's why I think there's no discrimination after death. And that everything that lives goes to this 'place'. Of course that means you'd need to try and define what is 'life' or what is defined as living.

    Like these bodies we are in, is literally a biological engine. We take energy in food and air. We produce waste. And we utilise energy to power our various internal systems. But if we define this as what 'life' is, then anything that moves is life, from a nail clipper to a clothes peg.

    So then you might say that life is that sentient thought that allows us to ask these questions. But then what about microbiology and cells. They don't ask these questions. But if its sentient, then anything which can 'think' is life. So that opens to the possibility of recreating the mind artificially in mechanical form, ie artificial life.

    Hmm... interesting (brain currently congealing). So that means life probably lies in the evolutionary steps that living things take place. The point of 'life' isn't important, but possibly 'what' brings life into existance. Something 'feeds' the seemingly combination of random and evolutionary process, that... metaphorically leads these things by the hand, to advance further.

    And this agrees with stuff like artificial life. Because the evolutionary steps that this artificial machinery takes place, comes from its dependency in our biological evolution. So its like, life can beget life.

    Hmm, something I need to think about further :). Einstein once said, "If our brain was simple enough to understand, we would be so simple that we couldn't."
  9. I reckon it'll be like a big dreamless sleep.
  10. My this is a deep topic!!

    Well you asked, so here it is! I believe in an eternal soul and that your soul chooses the lessons that you need to learn from life to life. It chooses the key players in your life and some basic facts about you that will help you meet the people you need to along the way to learn what you need.

    So I think the whole thing is a big eternal personal development workshop!

    Enough deep thought for today!
  11. Crumpetman, who says your cactus dies. Surely its spirit goes to the great Mohabi Desert in the sky and lives on that higher plane.
  12. Well I hope we all go somewhere nice... I hope to see my Dad again and all those that have gone before me that I love and miss.

    Lisa :twisted:
  13. You read that celestial something book didn't you?
  14. uh oh..... the mushroom thoeries are coming to the surface again :shock:

    we die, conciousness ceases and its all over for us in the thinking sense. brain stops working = nothingness. i actually think its easier to accept this than a half baked concept of heaven and hell thats here to scare us into doing the 'right' thing.

    i mean i could be wrong, would be great if we all get to meet up and have an eternal traffic free black spur to ride but theres no proof of anything like that. the only facts we have is that we die, and we rot..... sucks to be us :?

    but yeah, our life as such cant ever end and if thought about in the right way, we are basically all one big organism with multiple personalities. our bodies are just a giant series of cells banged together in such away that allows them to survive and reproduce in the best way possible. essentially the same concept for us as for the most simple single celled organisms.

    we are all here to A) live 8) reproduce and C) be food for more life. if you take it to the cellular level, we're just a whole bunch of little lifeforms ensuring that more little lifeforms keep on being created. thus, the earth and in fact the whole universe, is one giant fuggin organism keeping itself alive :shock:

    skuffy, what was that for? now my head hurts :? just dont go asking "whats the meaning of life" or "how did life start" or "will life be here forever".... i'll have to find you and administer an ass whooping if you start that :LOL:

    oh and just cos we're all one, doesn't mean i like everyone. i still hate all you fuggin taxi and 4WD drivers :twisted:
  15. I believe that this life is preparation for the next and onwards.
    Much like a caterpillar builds a cocoon and becomes a butterfly.
    I have witnessed too many things in life to dismiss them as coincidence.
    Call it intuition etc.
    There is definitely something more to this life than just existing.
  16. celestine prophecies? damn that book to hell, started all this shit for me. between that one and summum and a few of my more 'enlightened' (read: stoned :LOL: ) mates, i've done too much thinking about that for a 23 year old :?

    time to think more about boobs, bikes and beer now :D
  17. The universe managed perfectly well without me before I was born, it'll manage just as well after I die.

    No soul, no "spark of life", no journey towards perfection. Just this series of moments. Sentience as a rather weird byproduct of our evolutionary history.

    No creator, no grand plan - thank God! :LOL:
  18. If life is one big eternal workshop and everyone is sent to make you stronger, why are there so many people that push the boundaries to the absolute limit, making it difficult for not only the person they are pushing but for the family and friends around that person as they have to deal with a jelous, kinniving b$%#*? ah, that feels better
  19. Death = Emotionless = Nothing = Good

    Im negative
  20. Geez, and here I was expecting a joke about someone coming out of the closet. Must be that retrosexuals post taking effect.


    I don't believe in an afterlife, god, heaven, hell or any of that stuff, I'm pretty certain you just die.

    BUT I have been known to alter this opinion under certain circumstances such as; tipping into a corner far too late going far too fast, doing 140 as a police car approaches from the opposite direction, and when wondering if I actually will stop before t boning that car that just pulled out in front of me.

    Anyone within earshot during these circumstances would be left in no doubt as to my faith and worship of the almighty. Apart from those split second devotions though, I reckon you just die.