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Stepping forward

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by neirbo, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. Hi to all.

    I've been reading these forums and been a member for a while now, but as is my way of doing things, haven't actually said hello before or even posted a response on one of the topics. So now I figure is as good a time as any to step out of the shadows and introduce myself.

    I started learning to ride at the age of 30 - a friend and I decided to take a day off of work and do something fun, so we booked in for our Ls course and I haven't looked back.

    I live in Sydney's inner west and ride my black 2008 GS500F to work in North Sydney every day, and also enjoy getting about in my Coupe (04 XR6 Turbo ute). Both are about to be replaced (with a Triumph Sprint and ... well lets not discuss the downgraged car). If you're interested in either the bike or ute let me know - not on the market yet, but happy to sell earlier if your interested. Sorry - this wasn't supposed to be a commercial.

    Thanks to the biking community for having such a great online resource.

  2. Welcome dude!!

    Good idea getting rid of the car. When I was younger I had all the ideas about having this car and that, then I started riding.

    Now all cars to me are practical things, something to move this from A to B etc. no interest now spending a bucket load on a fancy car that is never going to be anywhere near as much fun as the bike!!

    Enjoy it!! What made you choose the Trumpy Sprint?
  3. Cheers brownyy. I always wanted an XR6, then an opportunity to get a Turbo came along, and it just happend to be a ute - so that was it: a match made. I guess I'm over it (that is, another box in life has been ticked) and my interest has certainly turned towards riding, and thus my financial investments.

    Why the Sprint? When I first thought about riding, and I remember even as a kid, I wanted to be on a cruiser. Something changed when I actually got my Ls and started looking around for a bike - the sportbike bug bit pretty hard and I hardly even notice a cruiser on the road these days. So when I started thinking about upgrading (umm, ok week two of having my Ls) I started looking at all the sport bike options. I finally got down to the Japanese litre sport bikes and started taking them out for a test ride to see which fitted me - not being brand loyal I was open to 'the one'. So I tested ZX10, ZX14, GSXR1000, GSXR1300 and CBR1000RR - all nice, and I had pretty well decided on the Honda. Then I started to look outside the square and really think about what I wanted to do with it, and a second test ride on a CBR left me with a splitting headache for 3 days from having my neck in an un-natural position. [Oh, I wanted a litre bike for the power - I'm far from being petite, and I want to take the other half pilion soon so it needs to have plenty of power. Going super fast is not highly attractive to me, but having a good time and knowing the power I want is there when I need it is - just like the XR6T.] I had ridden a friends naked bike a bit when I first started riding, and I've never want to ride without fairings again.

    The net result was looking for a sports tourer - a more upright sitting position (less strain on neck and wrists) and better fuel economy for longer trips which I plan to start doing by the end of this year (hopefully a week long trip to Tassie in Feb 2010). The Trumpy just happend to fall in my line of sight and in my budget. I booked a test ride and when we got back to the shop I just said 'how much do you need for a deposit?'. The tripple has an amazing sound and most importantly the bike fitted me just right. I didn't feel like I was balancing on top of skateboard, nor lying on my stomach. The bars were just in the right spot and plenty of luggage capacity.

    I guess thats how I decided on the Triumph Sprint. The new car - well thats a story for an entire different set of forums!
  4. welcome Sean, good intro, pics when u get your bike, and join us on a few rides through out the year..
  5. Welcome to posting on Netrider.

    I have looked into several containers of chicken entrails, and fearlessley prophesy that you will love the Sprint, and not miss the XR6 one little bit :LOL:.