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Stephen Conroy: One of the biggest threats to liberty in our country.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by grue, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. That man is a fucking terrorist.

  2. I suspect this is about the proposed media inquiry.

    Whilst I shall be very happy if/when Conroy falls under a political bus, it cannot be seriously argued that the media situation in Australia is a healthy one. Provided the inquiry takes place at arms length from the government (which it is), having seen the terms of reference I'm broadly in favour.

    Others are entirely free to disagree, but do bear in mind whose applecarts are likely to be upset by a bit of scrutiny being applied. Could they possibly be the same sources who are telling you how iniquitous and reminiscent of Nazi Germany the inquiry is?

    Healthy dose of scepticism and a willingness to look at information from a range of sources including a few outside of Australia and not connected to Rupert please.
  3. Pointless thread without content
  4. And this is unusual how, exactly? :wink:
  5. Don't get me wrong, the mainstream media here are an unfunny joke, but we already have a problem with censorship, and that asshole is just looking to make things worse. First they came for the media…
  6. I'm more concerned that someone like this is in a position to make decisions. I mean, look at the scenario: government on the ropes, wildly unpopular (for whatever reason) and desperate for some good news... and he goes and pokes a stick at the most powerful media empire in the world (who already don't like them).
    What can they possibly hope to gain?
  7. Ink. It's all good, as long as they spell your name right.
  8. Newscorp hates the left, here and overseas. See themselves as king makers, and far to the right of Mussolini.

    They've usually been too powerful and connected to **** with.

    Now they got their bollocks kicked in by listening in on little dead girls in the uk, it's hammertime.

    Payback's a biatch.
  9. Oh, and Grue:
    You should stop watching Foxnews. It's starting to show...
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  11. Oh god. I can't watch any actual news on TV anymore, I just get too angry.

    News Corp is a shitty, awful organization and I wish nothing but ill upon them, don't get me wrong. I just realllllllllllly hate the idea of the government muzzling people.
  12. There is a difference between "press freedom" and "making shit up to suit an agenda with little or no accountability". The media in Australia appears to require reminding of it, particularly given that 70% of the print outlets in this country are owned, and many other areas are influenced, by a multinational organisation that:-

    Has a long (and provable) history of making shit up.

    Is currently under investigation in two other countries for criminal activities.

    Has been caught out twice in Australia in the last couple of years conspiring with right wing pollies and attention seeking Public Servants to fabricate stories aimed at either bringing down or at least discrediting elected governments.

    Conroy, and his wowser ALP-Right pals, arseholes that they are, represent far less of a threat to Australian democracy than the current lack of media diversity and accountability that we see.

    Besides, anything which gets up Ruperts nose is fine by me.
  13. Are we upset with Conroy because of the media enquiry, the internet filter, or the NBN?

    Media enquiry: I don't really give a rats about an enquiry. I would like to see some decent laws that reduce the concentration of media ownership in Australia. In country WA, we have 2 commercial TV stations, one of which owns the West Australian (only statewide paper), and the two local Geraldton papers. I thank our previous enlightened governments for providing ABC and SBS so I have some chance of finding out what any party other then the Liberal party think about anything. Why have an enquiry to tell us what needs to happen, and then do nothing to get a favourable run up to the next election?

    NBN: It won't come to my door as I live "remote". 40 kms from the nearest large town. The cable runs 800m from my door, but it won't get to my home. Satellite it is. But I think a decent broadband for everyone is worth paying for.

    Internet Filter: Why do people get upset over this? If I were to try to sell pornography in a magazine or on a video, I would have to meet Australia's censorship laws. Why should that be different on the internet? Maybe make the ISP's responsible for the content they supply, as we make newsagents responsible for selling appropriate content to those over age. I know, technical difficulties. Then no business until they are solved.

  14. what_he_said.
  15. I don't really have a problem with media outlets having an agenda, as long as they are open about it. Obviously News Ltd is working to bring down the government, but I don't think that's necessarily 'wrong', unless they fabricate stories (which they sometimes do) or go out of their way to misinform the public.

    The government can't force the commercial media to be 'neutral', and it shouldn't try. The best it can hope to do is find a way to make any deliberate misinformation and fabrication so costly that no organisation would even contemplate it. If that is ALL the inquiry was looking at, I wouldn't have a issue.

    Conroy hasn't shown that he's got a grip on any of the issues that he's dealt with, but he has shown a fondness for social engineering. Not the right man for the job IMO.
  16. Mainly because of the offensive dishonesty with which it was sold (Conroy is on record as saying wtte "If you're against it you must be a pedo") and the very broad catchall terms that were slipped into the original proposal that would, potentially, allow a government of the day to filter pretty much anything it decided it, or a powerful lobby group, didn't want the population to see.

    Personally, I hate Conroy because he's a socially conservative wowser with an inclination to impose his own beliefs on everyone and the powers to do so. However, that's a different issue and does not nullify the urgent need for an enquiry into a largely unaccountable media that, anywhere else in the civilised world, would be a laughing stock for incompetence, laziness, spite, bile, corruption and questionable ethics.

    Let's shine some light into the dark corners. We can clobber the bloke holding the torch later.
  17. Leaving aside for the moment the fairly important point that it won't work,
    They're not proposing filtering pornography. They're proposing filtering anything they include on a secret list. With no public accountability

    And if you point out that that sounds surprisingly like fascism, they accuse you of supporting child pornography.

    Viewing that sort of material is already illegal.
    An appropriate course of action is prosecuting anybody who does.

    An inappropriate course of action is asking the public to trust the government to maintain a secret list of 'things we don't like' and promising "We'll only use it for good"
  18. This shit really pisses me off, the serious crime units are hamstrung and kept continually and chronically short staffed while tragic branch have almost unlimited overtime budgets and more top of the line equipment than they could ever use! Why do we as a nation put up with this from our employees (both political and bureaucratic)?