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Step, Step, Step....Jump.....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Gypsy, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. Well what can I say. I finally took the plunge and jumped in, head first. I was looking forward to this all day. Nervous, excited, apprehensive, and nervous again. Finally, I went to pick up the XVS650. Parted with my hard earned, got all the paperwork out the way, and geared up. Before I tackled the main roads, I told the missus to wait where she was for a few minutes while I take the beast around the block a few times to tame her. Very tentative first few goes while I got used to taking off from a stationary start. Got a bit of a feel for gear-shifting, braking, resarting etc.

    Then it was time to make my way home. The journey was from Shalvey in Sydney's West (near Mt Druitt) to Toongabbie ( near Westmead). With the missus covering my behind I started out at a gentle pace, and before I knew it I was confidently travelling at 60k's. Slowed down and took my first roundabout (which is not as easy as you'd think, at the learner's stage anyway), then proceeded towards the Great Western Hwy.

    Turned onto the highway nicely and opened her up to 80k's. I love it. the sound of the 650cc V-twin galloping away beneath me. The feel of the wind blowing by. The feel of the vibrations thru the bike.....then a set of lights. I go to change down gears and the engine cuts out. Pulled over to try and start her again. After a few minutes of trying away we go again....until the next set of red lights. Change down gear and she stops again. This time I can't get her going. Lemon? I ask myself....no way. Has to be another explanation....turn the fuel cock to reserve, hit the ignition and she fires up again. This time she sounds better. The previous owner must of not left much in the tank. First lesson, never leave your steed thirsty. She needs sustenance to keep on galloping.

    Finally got home. Was a nice 'long' first ride. Was feeling proud of myself for taking the plunge. Confidence was increasing with each passing klick. I'm not kidding myslef, though. Still need alot of practice before I even start to consider myslef a proficient rider. But I am taking the steps towards it. We all must walk before we run.

    I now have the steed stabled in my garage and we are getting intimate in other ways. I'm starting to feel like a horse whisperer. She still hasn't told me her name, but that will come in time...

    On a serious note, I have a cover note on her from WQBE. Yearly premium is $351 with $350 excess. Makes sure you join a motorcycle club of sorts. You get %5 off right there. Transfer at the RTA tomorrow and she is all mine.....

    Anyway, thanks for all for listening to my rant. Now I know what everyone goes on about when they talk about that first 'grin'.....

    Hopefully meet a few of you at the Homebush Brewery Coffee nights in the next few weeks or so.....

    Cheers All....
  2. Nice one gypsy ,sound like a fun trip home.

    Congrats on the new bike ,see you for coffee. :grin:
  3. Nice story of your first ride. I often see New riders posting up stories of how they gradually increase their speed and think how crazy i must have been when i got my bike...... My dad rode it home on the ~70K trip home because he didn't want me riding that far on the first go, so when she got home she was all warmed up and ready to fire.

    I called out "dad i'm taking it for a spin around the block"..."Ok" came the reply. So i set off out of my drive way and up the small hill and then down the hill to the bottom of my street (~ a 1KM long hill). I turn it around and come FLYING back up the street hitting ~110km/h on the return run all the while think "WOO HOO this is great fun, man this thing is fast (compared to my 1.3L Manual Charade anyhow :LOL:)"

    Do about 2 more laps then return it. I had been on my bike all of 2mins and i was already red zoning and quick shifting, :LOL:. I must have taken the wrong meds that day or something!!
  4. right on i was surprised they gave me 5% on western qbe, joining netrider has saved me 35 bucks so far. gotta love it.

    see you at coffee night.
  5. ahhh
    the joy of getting a new bike....
    congrats to u and i hope u all the best...
    have fun mate.... :grin: :grin: :grin:
  6. Congrats on the new wheels.
  7. Fantastic news Gypsy :biker:

    :grin: Congrat's matey :grin:

    got a pic or 3 to show us your new friend ?
  8. I've just updated my sig with a link to the original picture from the Trading Post. I'll be taking some more snapshots this arvo, before or after I take her out for a ride I can't say, and post them here as well.

    Thanks to everyone for their kind words and encouragement. I think I'm going to enjoy this experience......

    Cheers All....
  9. Congrads on the new bike,

    Gotta love the XVS's
  10. Congrats, gypsy, that's a classy-looking sickle!!!
  11. Nice pic of the bike. I have ALWAYS loved the XVS650 and 1100. I was considering one (due to LAMS) quite awhile ago when i was thinking of starting to ride, however, after alot of though and talking to people i think a sports/naked/tourer is more my style and what i'd want. Having said that, i must admit i have never ridden or been pillion on a cruiser!
  12. Got home from work yesterday evening and waited for the traffic to die down a bit. Had some dinner and spent some time with the wife and kids. All the while I'm thinking'Gear up, gear up....'

    Well it finally got the better of me. Grabbed the jacket, helmet and gloves, and got ready to go out for a ride. Just a little cruise around the neighbourhood.

    Off I went and my first point of call was the servo to fuel up. First time refuelling the bike and I have to say it was a strange feeling only putting $15 in to fill her up. Having to get the helmet and gloves off to perform all this is also something alien that I'll have to get used to. A question, what does everyone else do with regards to helmet and gloves? Do you carry it inside with you? Do you leave it on your bike? Do you put it on the ground while you fill up? I found it easiest to just leave it on the saddlebags but questioned the wisdom of that considering the price of the gear and other people's sticky fingers.

    Once I was all juiced up and ready to go, I proceeded down several back streets. Onto some semi-busy roads and just generally cruised around for about an hour. It was dark by the time I got back home so I didn't have a chance to take some decent pictures. Maybe tonight....

    ....Oh, and don't worry. I won't be writing about every little ride I take. Just the 'firsts', if you know what I mean. First ride, first time refuelling, first time on a freeway, first peg scrape etc. Just my way of sharing the love....

    Cheers All....
  13. Easy fixed...
  14. congrats man.. awesome post. and that is a shit hot looking bike too.. noice..

    im like you n1gh7.. my first ride would probably resulted in me losing my licence.. i didnt have a speedo at the time so i didnt know how fast i was going.. but i passed a hell of alot of cars.. figure i was probably doing 100ish in a 70 zone..
    i have since got the speedo fixed.
  15. Gratz on the bike and the ride mate :p

  16. I normally hop off the bike and take my gloves off. I refill with my helmet still on so I dont need to balance it on something or put it o the filthy ground, and then take the helmet off as I walk inside the servo.