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Stellio's New Ride - Buell XB12Ss

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by stellio78, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. So I finally remembered to take my camera with me for some photos of the Buell outside of the garage.

    Buell XB12Ss 2010 with these modifications so far:

    Drummer SS exhaust
    K&N air filter
    Bar end mirrors (Oberon copies)
    Short race levers (Pazzo copies)

    And hopefully I can stop myself from buying too many more things :)

  2. Can you do something about those pipes mate?

    Flat black engine paint will be fine (y)

    Nah, I like it, very nice looking piece of kit!

    How do you find the short levers?
  3. last pic makes it look like a trial bike
  4. that's SEXY! always liked buells but hadn't seen a recent one til this.
    by god that front disc is HUGE
  5. I want to get the header pipes ceramic coated satin silver but it's a real pain to remove them so I'm gonna leave them for now.

    The short levers are great, I had Pazzo short levers on my last bike but did feel like spending $200 again so I bought the copies off ebay for $50.

    There not as good finish wise but for the $ I can't complain.
  6. Rode one 2 months ago all I can say it went like a Massey Ferguson on steroids! Did,nt suit me due to my height. Enjoy this beast

    Stay safe
  7. Black Knight!!

    Stay safe
  8. whoa that bike is pure sex :D
  9. your bike is p0rn.
  10. Re: Stellio's Ride - Buell XB12Ss

    Have had the bike for about 18 months now and am still loving it :woot:

    Wanted to share a few new photos.

  11. nice machine :)
  12. Very neat looking machine... (y)
  13. Mate......N I C E, very nice.......
  14. :shock: that bike is dead sexy
  15. that is one eliminated fender :p
  16. Thanks guys.
  17. Love the buells, they are such cool bikes, just so different. How is it through the twisties? is it more of a muscle cruiser or can you still ride it knee down hard? Thats something ive always wondered, is it more harley, or more sports bike
  18. Great looking bike, Stellio !

    As per someone's suggestion above, 'Black Knight' is already taken :D

    Seriously, very HORN ! Mums and Dads - lock up your daughters (y)
  19. Nice bike. where can i get a twisty number plate from?
  20. I'm not expert on bikes as this is only my 3rd (previous where SV650 & CBR250R) but it does feel very stable and controlled through the corners giving me lots of confidence to lean her over.

    I'd say it has the torque of a cruiser with the handling of a sports bike and can be ridden hard, I think more sports bike then Harley.