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Discussion in 'Showcase' started by murchy, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    So here she is, parked in my kitchen because the government claims she'd be too dangerous to ride until November 25th.

    That said, on the private closed circuit which conveniently connected the seller's house to my house... wow.

    Just... wow.
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  2. Oh, [MENTION=16699]raven[/MENTION]... sorry mate but this may mean I'm out of the running for your Daytona too :p
  3. counting the days until restrictions end?

    haha. looks real neat.
  4. Nice tiles :D
  5. Looks really good mate. Gonna be the longest month you ever did experience.

    You enjoy that now, ya' hear.
  6. Watch out for Stella...
  7. I have a visions of Murchy sitting on her in the kitchen making revving noises
  8. That's a seriously good looking bike, especially the colour combo. And looks like in great nick too.
  9. Just posted in the other thread about this. I've had the exact same one (same coulour) for about a year now. Bought it with 34K and now has just under 50K. Love it. I highly recommend going down a tooth though on the front sprocket. I did a 520 conversion and went -1+3 and ****in' hell was it a handful. Went back up 3 in the back and left it -1 in the front and it's perfect. Great bike. Anyone who knows anything about Hondas will tell you the 929's and 954's are one of the best, if not the best, Fireblades ever made. Congrats on your purchase and I'll be lookin' out for you on the street.
  10. As said before, congrats :)...can I take it for a spin?

    I told him to place it in front of the telly to watch the motoGP...experience the moment!
  11. Very very very nice.....a buddy of mine has one of these blades.....when you turn them up they are freaking nuts, raw and very satisfying indeed....

    Well done OP (y)
  12. Yup
    Love it
  13. No mater how hard you ride her, she's still not going to make you breakfast ***55357;***56883;
  14. If he wanted breakfast he would have called her Tifany
  15. saw this in person a couple of days ago... such a nice bike :p pretty jealous i cant get my hands on it