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Stefan (Vic Slick)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Danielle, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. Yesterday at the HART Ride for Life (Kilsyth) a few of us went out for some test rides (Stefan, Nee, Azz, Jadey & Mach).

    Stefan was having an awesome time on the blackbird but was unfortunately involved in an accident with a car.

    After a grand performance flying through the air doing his best to impersonate superman, the ambo's came and took him to Maroondah hospital where x-rays confirmed a bad break in his lower right leg. He's been transferred to Knox private and is currently awaiting surgery.

    It was quite a horrible thing to see as he flew up into the air a good few (ten?) metres and landed out of sight behind a car. I was frozen on my bike screaming but luckily as there were plenty of people around (including the Hart instructors supervising the test ride) someone had called an ambulance almost instantly and there was a nurse in one of the cars. When I crossed the road he was conscious and held it together really well, he calmly said that he thinks he's broken his leg... not suprising as the car bumper drove straight into it at a fairly high speed.

    I don't know what road we were on in Kilsyth but it was pretty big so maybe a 70k zone? Stefan was thankfully wearing full gear (a leather jacket in that heat!) and i don't think he has any other injuries. He is in high spirits. Hopefully the surgery goes well and the healing process is a speedy one. He says he likes the vfr800 more than the blackbird.
  2. When you speak to him, tell him, I'll put his Vest in a bag with mothballs :)

    Speedy recovery dood.
  3. Hey Danielle,
    hope you're feeling a little less traumatized I could only imagine what it would have looked like.

    I was in the middle of the road waiting for traffic to clear on the other side when I hear tires screeching behind me and the crash of plastic and glass. Best wishes to you Stefan and hope you heal up quickly and get back in the saddle soon.
  4. Dooooooooooooooooddd!! Owch.

    Hope you mend quickly man and that there aren't any last issues. [-o<

    If it's not impolitic, how did Stefan and car come to be at the same place at the same time?
  5. that suxs.....best wishes for a speedy recovery.....

    :LOL: at the comment vfr over the blackbird.....
  6. Hope you have a speedy recovery Stefan
  7. Best wishes mate...hope you heal quickly and are back or a bike soon :)
  8. damn best recovery man

    i had been there (to maroondah hospital; not the best place to stay around)
  9. Get well mate, I hope for a speedy recovery for your leg!
  10. Hmm... I think they should check him again for brain damage if he reckons the VRF800 is better :LOL:

    So sorry to hear about the accident though Stefan, hope you heal up quick. You are a champ for staying so positive about it.
  11. Speedy recovery!

    :LOL: some more at the VFR comment. Legend.
  12. Bad news but speedy recovery!!!!....
  13. Shit! Thats bad news to hear. Wishing Stefan a speedy & full

    Not a good thing to witness as well Danielle. Would've shaken
    you up a bit.

    Take care & pass on my regards to the fella.

    Hopefully I'll catch up with him again in a coupla months. :wink:
  14. Damn, and I was hoping to catch up with him at coffee tonight, I guess not :(
    Heal Quickly Stefan, our thoughts are with you.
    Danielle, it helps to talk after witnessing something so traumatic, you have friends here at Netrider who will listen, chin up :)

    Deb and Dave
  15. Oh, that's not good. Expensive as well, if Honda enforce the piece of paper we all signed prior to the test rides. Perhaps dependent on fault.

    Heal up quickly.
  16. Yes well Stefans superman impression was "interesting"

    And Danelle feel free to shoot me a PM or the like if you want a chat.

    That peice of road is an 80 zone at that point. Azz and I had the same sort of reaction, which was too look at each other and sort of say "Oh F^&!"

    And test riding a CBR125R was fun. I'd buy one of them if I lived in a place that I couldn't get above 80 because thoes things corner so damn well! Bloody slow though.
  17. Ouch, defiently a different way to pursue your childhood fantasies of superman :p

    Hope he gets back on his feet soon!
  18. Thats awful. What a shock to read of such an incident. Thinking of you mate. Viffer??? Shame you didnt try the Blade :grin: ( see Loz about that one)

    Shaun and Kate
  19. Drew, Jamie and myself went down to Knox Private this evening after work to visit Stefan. He is in really good spirits and is doing quite well (though the morphine might be contributing to that!). We got to meet his parents and brother while we were there.

    Stefan has broken his tibia and fibula (both lower leg bones) in one place on each bone on his right leg. He was meant to have surgery on it today to put rods etc. in but that has been delayed to tomorrow (Tuesday). Amazingly that is the extent of his injuries, which is a pretty good outcome considering the car that hit him was in an 80 zone and he went flying :eek:

    Stefan is very much his usual cheery and talkative self so if you have a chance drop by for a visit, I'm sure he'd appreciate it.
  20. Sorry to hear the bad news Stefan.

    From the sounds of things it could have been much worse. Thank goodness it wasn't. Good luck with the surgery and recovery.

    I look forward to seeing you again at the mystery rides once the leg is back to 100%