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Steering wheel, three wheels, is it a car or a trike?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Salad Cycle, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. Think t-rex except it is 50kg with ct110 wheels.

    This is for registration purposes in NSW.

  2. motorised billycart :D

    sounds like ICV territory.. good luck with that :)
  3. Depending on the power unit it could be an LB category moped (50cc/50km/h/3-wheels).

    Otherwise you need to read the Category definitions for LE, LEM, LEP and LEG vehicles here. The intent of these is to determine whether a vehicle is a motorcycle with an extra wheel or a car/truck with one missing.

    The individual states will have different procedures for engineering, roadworthiness and rego but they will all require the vehicle to fall within one of the L-group ADR categories.
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  5. I never said 50kg. There is no limit on what an LB moped can weigh, which is why you can, technically if not in actual practice, buy a Piaggio Ape here (assuming the compliance holder has not yet gone bust) and drive it on a moped licence (in such states as have such things).
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    he said she said :D
    sounds like an ICV rather than a modified current vehicle = sounds painful..
    SC, what did your engineer say?

    streamliner is now a 3 wheeler?

    NCOP VSB14-LE1, trikes, although 2 wheels at front would be LE2.. no guidelines yet?
    re: LE2
  7. It will fall under the LEP2 classification because the seat will not be saddle type.

    CT110 tyres I am told only last 3000-5000km which is terrible compared to my cbr125r tyres which lasted more than 18,000km. So there is no saving to be had from ct110 wheel/tyres.

    No mention of steering wheel so steering wheel is fine.
  8. what did your engineer say?
  9. He said I should have a look at the ADR's and make sure it satisfies them.
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