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Steering problem - possible causes?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Mr_Ignorant, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Test bike was wonderful however my bike has had horrible steering from day 1.

    The suspension was messed up from the store so i took it to Teknik and it is sorted beautifully.

    The front wheel was put on incorrectly. Not sure about details bit it was causing the forks to stick and bike hated turning right.

    Bike is still not right. It always wants to stand up straight and the steering it very, very heavy.

    Any ideas what else could possibly be causing this? Rear wheel out of whack? Wheel weights? bent forks or frame?

    I'm going to Ducati tomorrow to test ride a Monster and see the difference again. I'd like to give them specifics to check as last time i brought it in they said it rode just fine (that's before all the adjustments were made.... :roll: )
  2. Head stem bearings would be the obvious place to start. Possibly your tri clamp locknut was over torqued when they reassembled your suspension,although this really wouldnt need to be dismantled if they just did front springs and removed fork tubes.
    Depends on what theY originally did with your suspension??? Your desciption is too vague to troubleshoot.
  3. Generally, excessively tight head stem bearings will cause a bike to weave at lower speeds (below 60kph for example) but the weaving will decrease as speed increases.

    Have you checked your front tyre pressure? Low pressure can do all sorts of sinister things.
  4. I'd be looking at front tyre pressures, too.

    I'd also stand over the top of the bike, looking down both front forks from above and see if they are in alignment; if they are twisted in the triple clamps you could be getting the same symptoms.
  5. I put a new set of tyres on just in case and that has sorted my drama's.

    As the old tyres did 8,000km with the front wheel not on correctly (thankyou dealer :roll: ), the tyre wore in a weird way. When it was corrected i was left riding on a warped tyre which wasn't helping.

    All sorted now though and bike is beautiful! :grin: