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Featured Steering on Street Triple 660 LAMS

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Q3Arena, May 9, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone, you may remember I am looking for a new LAMS bike and with the help of NR I had come to the conclusion that the Yamaha MT-07 was probably best suited to my needs.

    I went in to Peter Stevens here in Adelaide hoping to test ride one this morning and it turns out they had sold their demo bike during the week and the new one wasn't here yet. My brother was testing a couple of bikes as well. He is likely to get the MT-09. They were very keen for us to try the Triumph Street Triples so we went for a ride. It felt awesome!! I loved everything about it except I felt the steering was really heavy. In a straight line it felt very stable and sure footed. Power and torque was excellent. (Although his 675 had twice the power!)

    Is this to do with the angles of the steering head tube? My brother felt the same. He then went out on the MT-09 and said it felt way better and it steered and rode more like our motocross bikes. Apart from the steering which I may get used to, I loved the Triumph :) P.S: Wasn't a fan of wearing the high vis though! lol ;)

    Street 660.
  2. was the tyer pressure checked before you rode it ? my Daytona can lose up to 5psi in a week
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  3. Ah! Good thought. I am going to ride it again on the same day I ride the MT-07 so I will be extra careful to get them to check it first. (I am pretty heavy so it would make a difference.) Thanks for that advice :)
  4. of course more to it than this but...

    660/standard: steering angle 24.1deg, trail 99.6mm
    R: steering angle 23.4deg, trail 95mm (they say for sharper handling, better response etc)

    MT09: steering angle 25deg, trail 103mm
    MT07: steering angle 24.5deg, trail 90mm
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  5. Good looking bike :) And don't you feel ssspppeecciiiaall in the Hi Viz - I feel like such a fashion statement in mine! ha ha ha
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  6. wont hurt to check and then re ride
    get a decent comparison then
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  7. Whars with the vest ? Was that a condition of the test ride?
  8. It seemed to be! We signed our lives away (only $1,500 excess because we are over 25!) Then he handed us the vests. I know their service guys always wear them when they test ride bikes. Also saw another chap heading out for a demo on an MV Augusta with one on as well. At first they were not going to let me ride. They said they had had too many accidents lately and "the boss" had decided no more learner riders on demo's they had two bikes written off in the last month alone he said. To his credit the boss came over and said since I was really a returning rider and not a rank beginner I would be fine. That was cool of him. I do wonder if a learner will really buy a bike without first test riding? I guess they will see. Overall our experience was a very positive one. Can't wait to ride the MT-07 now and make a decision.
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  9. So if not for the L Plate I could have said "Blame the dealer, I'm just out on a test ride!" ha ha ha
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  10. I think that the small differences in front end geometry is because the R has a slightly longer rear shock/coil arrangement, lifting the rear end up a wee bit.
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  11. If I was told no test ride, I would take my money elsewhere full stop.

    When I was in the market for my Gsxr , I had organised a test ride at ps dandy. I rocked up the next day to ride it, and was told no the roads are wet no test ride.
    I said a few choice words and took my cash elsewhere.
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  12. Basically, yes.

    I got one of the earliest Striples, and I also invested in a Penske rear shock and spring unit.

    It was a beautifully made bit of kit, and had, separate from the pre-load adjustment, a height adjuster.

    With that on the back, admittedly, quite an expensive unit, plus a change of fork springs and damping oil on the front, I ended up with a bike that I could "dial-in" whatever characteristics I wanted...... which turned out to be very quick steering. :)

    I even noticed an effect from running a larger rear sprocket, which slightly reduces the wheel base. (You can get the same effect with a slightly shorter chain.)

    Dunno about the current Street Triples, but the early one that I had was very underwhelming in the suspension department, but, otherwise, a lovely machine, and it didn't take much to "sort out" the suspension shortcomings.
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  13. Spend $15k on a bike and more on suspension to fix the handling.... It's the euro way
  14. <shrug> When I got my Striple it was about ten and a half grand.....priced to compete with the Honda Hornet 600.....(which I had previously, with an Ohlins rear shock/spring unit.)

    OK, so I am fussy about my bikes' handling.

    I'm prepared to spend a few bob on making it the way I want it.

    I could see, had I spent a squillion dollars on the dog's dick latest Ducati or Aprilia, I might well get bitter and twisted about buying suspension upgrades, but.... hey.... on the reasonably priced "standard' models..... I have no problem with that.
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  15. Thanks CrazyCam that was a very informative post. I agree the Triple is a fantastic bike and has a real presence about it. The sound is also music to the ears. If it takes a bit of extra kit and some fine tuning why not? I'm talking about the LAMS Triple and they were quoting $12,500 ride away the other day :)

    The more I think about it though the more I might go for the MT-07 and then in a years time buy the "big boys" Triple with double the power. That Triple already has much upgraded adjustable Ohlins suspension and Brembo brakes.

    I will see how I feel after riding the MT-07 in a couple of weeks time. Thank you all very much for your thoughts :)
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  16. I've got a 2012 Street Triple R. I need to be "positive" with the steering to get good handling. It takes a bit of effort and good technique to get the best out of them. Suggest something a bit easier for a LAMS bike. (Its easy enough to tootle around on but less forgiving when you give it a bit and it does tempt one.)
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  17. I get exactly what you mean twistngo! It is an awesome bike and I can see myself on one in the future for sure :)
  18. That's not even the same bike as in the op.
  19. It's relevant because that feeling I was trying to describe in the OP was exactly what twistngotwistngo was alluding to. Surely Street Triples would share similar overall geometry and therefore handling traits.
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    Yeah and a ninja H2 is exactly the same as a ninja 300.

    A quick google shows that the Triumph s don't have the same angle in the head.

    Why are you deliberately trying to mislead noob, it's hard enough trying to work out differences between bikes without owners spouting crap.
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