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Steering Lock replacement?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by ReniDze1, May 16, 2016.

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    Last edited: May 16, 2016
    Hi guys,

    My vtr250 06 was recently stolen (Albert Park, Melbourne). Luckily the police found it a few days later, however they have done a number on it. They have completley smashed the steering lock assembly, along with the ignition barrel, tank lid and taken other parts.

    Can i replace the steering lock? Their are security bolts attached so i'm not sure how to get it off, nor where to find a new one. Is it possible to just get a new ignition barrel and just not have a steering lock (ill use other methods for locking). I'll post a before and after photo of the smashed steering lock assembly. (the before photo is from 'wrecked bike' i recently bought)

    (I actually have just bought a 2003 vtr250 from a wreckers so i can take off parts that i need and put it on my bike. Can i somehow put the steering lock from the wrecked bike on my bike.
    Please Help



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  2. Mike - are you sure they're just not Torx bolts? - I can't see from the pics. They were on my CBR. Tight as fcuk though!
  3. Not seeing too much if any type of shape or flute in the bolt head

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  4. Good shout, specsavers for me tomorrow........
  5. Thanks guys-
    Yer they're rounded, maybe if i saw a grove into the head, and after some bashing and tapping, i'll be able to unscrew it with a phillips, then i can screw it back in. ---- Anyone know if a vehicle needs a steering lock to pass a RWC?
  6. I had to replace the ignition/steering lock on a spada. It was held on by two torx bolts. I got a replacement for vtr250 from ebay, It fited perfectly, even the wiring was correct.