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Steering lock locked

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Ljiljan, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. I've managed to bust up an ignition barrel on a gpx250 good and proper while trying to get the steering lock open.

    Any way forward from here? Will removing the barrel from the bottom help? Can a steering lock just be levered open?
  2. Yank the bars and break the tab. Then use a disc lock.
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  3. And the award for iffy thread goes to Lilley this month.
    If you weren't a mod, I'd reckon this was a bit shady.
    I look forward to your "How to hot wire a GPX250?" thread tomorrow. *Joke*
  4. hell yes ....shotgun on the cheap gpx !
  5. Midnight Spares.
  6. Big flat bladed screw driver and a hammer?
  7. OP says:

    Use you imagination...
  8. Hahahaha very good :p.
    Same as me figured it works in the movies?
  9. ....locksmith??..... or is it too late..??
  10. Make sure you wear gloves and are not under a cctv.
  11. How difficult is this?
  12. 48seconds in.

  13. According to several it really does work - they filmwriters would have had to get the idea from somewhere. We managed to get it to turn all the way, but it didn't unlock the steering lock.
    Ta muchly. Will try that next.
  14. Be sure to video it - for when you stuff up and have your foot slip off the bar or the bike fall on top of you :LOL:
  15. +1 to video.
  16. Well that failed miserably. Had the front wheel well off the ground trying to push through it but nothing. Maybe Im doing it wrong. Also tried to lever it with a long curtain rod to no avail.
  17. [​IMG]

    or get a hammer and centre punch and find the snap bolts holding the ignition in place, use the centre punch to push the tip of the bolt around to loosen it. you can then remove the ignition cylinder, use a flat blade screw driver to turn the key switch. new ignition cylinder off fleabay $40~ if you havent destroyed it, a locky could make a key for about the same, alot quicker.
  18. Get a man to fix it :smileysex:
  19. Haven't had the means to do that yet. Will have another crack at forcing it tomorrow, then might have to retreat to this.
    Paying a locksmith would put the project over budget.