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steering lock cant unlock it

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by TAX123, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. when i put the steering lock on, its very hard to get it off, sometimes i dont bother, but for security reasons i want to use it, but am afraid if i put it on when im away from home i may get stuck at someplace fidgeting with the lock for hours trying to get it off, it says push between the lock and off and thats what i do but it doesnt turn, bike is a yzf r6, is there a trick to it im not using help needed

  2. try moving the bars a bit to take pressure off the lock, my gsxr does the same thing if it's on full lock to the left, move it about 5 mm and all good.
  3. move it right or left and do you move it while you are turning the key?
  4. Wow riding in tight circles must get boring.

    Yeah try turn whilst trying to undo it. If problems persist then you need to start investigating. You could have a bent pin or similar.
  5. Perhaps a bit of lubricant down the hole could also help. I have been told that you shouldn't use WD40 or similar on a lock. I was told the reason why but I can't remember now (damn Alzheimer's). Locksmiths use and sell an approved lubricant that works on sticky locks.
  6. WD40 has a tendancy to atract dust,locksmiths use a puffer pack of graphite power,although some dont like that either,moderation is the answer,apply it to the key and work it in,more than likely its the weight on the lock like stated