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Steering lock broken = writeoff?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by kb1200, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. Had a small (or so I thought) slip on a wet tram track just outside of my apartment when turning left into my carport. Bike wobbled and threw me off and ended up landing on my right foot. At first damage seemed to be minimal, broken front brake lever, broken right indicator, misaligned steering. Got a call from the shop yesterday and apparently the steering lock is broken and it can't be fixed because it is attached to the frame.

    So first of all this really sucks as I am going to have to disc lock it whenever I park the bike. Second of all, isn't unfixable damage a writeoff? Will I even be able to sell the bike if it has a problem that is unable to be fixed? If it can be sold, will anyone even buy a bike with a broken steering lock?

  2. It means the steering lock cant be fixed.
  3. lol steering lock isn't a part of roadworthy... or i'd be surprised... its like a scratch that can't be fixed.. it doesn't mean squat except you'll get less for the bike if the buyer notices.
  4. Ask them if its just damaged the lock mechanism as that can be replaced. and highly doubtful its damaged where the pin goes into the frame..

    otherwise as above..
  5. They're not talking about the steering lock, they would of said steering STOP.

    Which will make it a write off for insurance purposes as they'll need to replace the frame.

    They can be repaired, but insurance companies won't. It'll be a repairable write off depending on what state
  6. The damage is on the frame, not the ignition or mechanism. They said they can't fix it. I don't have comprehensive so it's not a write off for me. I'll ask tomorrow if it can be fixed or if they just don't have the resources (i.e welder) to fix it.
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    As above, I have already answered it for you...

    It CAN be "fixed" generally, but it is not an option for insurance repairs. You may be able to get it fixed, but most likely the shop will not want to put their name to it!

    If your state still has repairable write offs, it will go down in this category, otherwise its done and dusted as a road bike.

    Gee is there an echo in here lol
  8. Surely only if the insurer knows about it?
  9. How can it be a write-off if insurance isn't involved?
    The problem with sale of the bike is if it doesn't pass a Safety Certificate when you go to sell it (assuming it is registered).
  10. Like I said, you can get it "fixed" but the shop probably wont want their name to it, you'll need to find a local engineering shop.

    Yes it wont be a write off with no insurance, but I was just trying to explain the damage/repair option, most people do run insurance...
  11. So it turns out it was just the steering stop, the lock works fine! The stop on the right hand side is gone, so it just means I can touch my handle bars to the tank which I never do so this isn't a big deal at all. Thanks for helping answer the questions about it though.
  12. means you will dent the tank if you drop it again on that side..