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Steering dampers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by livingstonest, May 25, 2007.

  1. Ok so who's got one? Do I need one on the z750? I like twisty roads and eventually want to go track.

    Is there a difference between the brands? or do they all work just as well?

    Been reading bout tank slappers so any safety device out there i'm interested in!
  2. Get one is you want some piece of mind, but you have to ask yourself if the steering gets a bit flappy over bumps under hard acceleration. If it does, yeah throw one on, but if not I wouldn't bother and save the money.

    If you want to drop the fork through the triple clamps for faster steering, they can also be a good idea then. My Aprilia RSV uses it's one all the time, but it's got lots of power, a very stiff chassis and a hamfisted pilot. :grin:

    I could only get the VTR to shake it head slightly when I was being a complete hamfisted idiot and even then it would recover by itself with no input from the pilot.
  3. the general view is if a bike has one out of the box, there is something wrong with it and the manufacturer is covering it up. But my personal view is, I'll take anything to get me home safe. It certainly doesn't hurt to have one and it can save you if you need saving. Better have it and not need it, than need it and not have it (c).
  4. Depends if the bike needs it or not. It could be a waste of money if it really isn't needed and you will not notice much difference.
  5. My steering dampner saved me from a stack at PI. This is on a rgv that isnt very prone to the shakes, but i can deffently feel the increased stability, defently over the bumps.
    I got a ohlins one, its pretty ancient, from what the guy that i bought it from said, its a 1995 one, but has been rebuilt.

    Works well, and is money well spent.
  6. Rubbish. Any bike will shake its head when given enough throttle and the right (i.e. bumpy) road conditions. This can be accentuated if the forks have been dropped through the yokes or the rear raised giving a steeper steering angle.

    I turn mine right down on most tracks and let the front do its own thing, I don't mind it shaking around a bit.

    I've never used one on the road, just kept the throttle pinned to get through it.

    I'd definitely be getting one if I had a thumping big twin. Save your money until you've had a few headshakes on it and you know how to react.

    Contrary to most peoples thoughts, there's nothing dangerous about it, the bike will compose itself, the main danger is running out of road before it can do so...
  7. The z750 doesn't have the worlds best suspension to start with, bumps tend to unsettle them.
    I'd recommend you get one.
  8. agree 100%. I've read too many posts that suzuki can't make a decent bike and that's why 600/750 has a dumper. Which of course is total rubbish.