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steering damper on 08 r6 ?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by azza ;>, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. hey guys i have owned a Yamaha 08 yzfr6 for what is probably around
    6 months i have noticed when i give it a bit and go over rough surfaces
    i get a bit of head shaking every now and then which is slightly
    concerning because if this happens bad enough it is possible to loose
    controll and highside your bike which is where a steering damper comes
    in ... is it possible to get one for my 08 r6 and if so will it reduce this
    shaking effect ? because a non reliable source told me it would and i
    dont want o blow a bunch of cash on miss-leading information :shock:

  2. It'll happen if you're not light enough on the bars. Don't most new SS bikes have electronic steering dampers built in? I'd say get your technique right, and if it still happens (I believe it should only be when gasing it alot when coming out of corners on bumpy roads), then think about the damper.
  3. The 08 R6 doesn't come with a built in steering damper. But it's true if you ease up your grip on the wild machine's handle bars the bike will handle better over the bumps. But if you still really want one they are available and any good motorcycle shop should be able to get you a decent one.
  4. Yes you can get em. Yes they will assist.

    If you know what causes the shakes, why not simply alter your
    riding habits?

    Steering damper isent going to be cheap for your bike whether
    you buy here or overseas.

    Scotts Steering Dampers is an Aussie Co. You can ask em if they
    stock dampers for your bike.

    $629 incl Delivery.
  5. If you think your going to highside SLOW DOWN!!!!
    You should be able to ride a bike on the road fine with out getting a tank slap happening, just get relaxed and let the bike do most of the work.