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Steep uphill turn at night - lesson learnt

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by fitryder, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. Ok so i was on the way to this party last night just to drop by and say "hi" to a few peeps.

    Anyway, they live in a pretty hilly area and just before the house there is a big hill which turns to the right.

    Anyway what happened was i thought "great, an up hill turn!" so i layed on some gas, put a bit of lean in and looked where i wanted to go, as far as i could.

    Suddenly the bike goes nuts! i momentarily lose traction a few times but manage to keep steady throttle control and reduce my lean and then it goes back to normal.

    What happened i hear you ask?

    I ran into some shitty potholed road which i did not see.

    Why did i not see it? It was pitch black (no street lights) and it was an up hill banking turn, the lights didnt go far enough up the hill.

    Now this is my theory on what i should have done. Firstly, high beam to increase vision and more so follow the headlights? Thats the only way i would have seen it.

    Also i should have defintly decreased my speed (i wasnt "speeding" anyway but prob going to fast for the road conditions) because if you cannot stop in the distance you can clearly see, your going to fast.

    What i know i did right. I made sure i had plenty of room to the side to reduce lean angle if needed which is what happened and i did not hit the brakes, imagine all that weight hitting the front through the pothole

    Anyway i know this was a pretty long post but I thought I would share this experience so hopefully it would prevent anyone else going through a similar situation cause honestly it really scared me!

    Thanks for reading!
  2. Well done on keeping the shiny bits upright and for thinking about a different strategy for next time. There would be 1000 theories on who what why and where, but you survived so whatever you did worked :)

    You may also want to contact the local authority and get the potholes fixed. :idea:
  3. Congrats fitryder on using your head. Your analysis sounds about right to me.
  4. Another approach is to go as wide as possible at the start of the corner so you are heading straight (thus headlights are also pointing straight) for the majority of the corner.
  5. Lucky you got out of that one... and also good to hear that you're preparing for the next time it may happen.
  6. Lesson for me the other night was similar; when there's no streetlights the bike's lamp doesn't always quite cut it to scan the road surface at decent speed...it just doesn't shine around corners :LOL:
  7. I thought they taught you to drag the rear brake a bit on up hills?
  8. Thanks for the replies guys!

    Dragging the rear on up hills? I think if i did that it wouldn't have ended that well.

    Maybe at low speed?
  9. Ah, I thought you were taking off up a hill turning (as in from a stand still)

    Dragging rear brakes can be risky. I used to do it to tighten my line but now I push harder on the bars until I get my line