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Steep undercover parking

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by S1L3NT, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. After many a year on this forum, and many a things popping up I am FINALLY able to get my licence and put it to use! Going to do my prelearners course this weekend (booked and waiting for this slow week to pass...) than will be buying a bike in the next couple of weeks.

    However, it has dawned on me, that in the apartment complex we live in we have secure undercover parking. Which is great, apart from the fact that there is a rather steep decline into this underground parking.... Where I have to stop half way down and push the buttons to open the door.

    Now my concern is...
    How am I supposed to go down there, stop, push the buttons and than continue down? All this must be done without letting the bike and myself slide down on our sides... Haha. What would be the best technique for doing this?

    And since it just dawned on me while writing this, how do I get up the ramp without flipping it backwards...? Lean forward and go slow and risk stalling/stopping? How do i stop the bike flipping/sliding back if I do have to stop... Its pretty steep, and im sure its going to be worse when I get on the bike...

    P.S - Sorry for the rather long post...
  2. Question one, go to buttons, hold either front brake or rear depending if you need 2 hands and open gate.

    Question 2, don't accelerate like a maniac.
  3. Ditto

    How steep is it going up? If your nervous just ride around some quiet streets and get used to the clutch. I'm sure you'll be fine. Don't over think it.
  4. If you can get a mate to open the gate for you so you have a clear run in, first time round, then your in at least. Then you can practice your cllutch control on the incline just at the bottom of the carpark ramp to get used to that bit.

    Just get used to holding the bike with the rear brake on, as they teach you in the courses. Rather than stopping with the front brake and putting your right foot down. If you get into that habit your balnce on the bike with left foot down will be much better and you wont have to shift feet to press the button.
  5. If you'ver operated a manual vehicle before, it's just a matter of finding the sweetspot with your clutch and getting used to hill starts/descents. I'd be more inclined to use the foot brake in both instances, less jerkiness etc when going slow. If you're not used to a manual vehicle, get someone to push the buttons for you whilst you learn control coming in and out of the driveway.
  6. Thanks everyone for the tips! Much appreciated. It has me rather worried... The door open panel is on the right side of me as you come down to get into the underground parking. So left foot down might be a bit hard to do without falling to the right? Or am I over thinking this?

    I think rear brake with slight front might be okay to stop. Than just hold front while I push the door open button with left hand while flat footing with both?

    Cant tell you the exact height, but it is 1 floor lower than the street... 2.1M height clearance, i just realised i hope i dont hit my head! Im 2m tall without the bike! haha.

    Think you might be on the money for a while atleast george7, i might have to get the wife to open it up before I get back the first few times atleast. Ive only ever ridden a bike a few times in the past (no manual cars).

    You four have definitely helped me stress less. Might just have to work on clutch control in the car park for a while, than try and get up the ramp after that... Haha.
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    You are over thinking it. We all did similar things before we got our first bike, so don't be afraid of asking silly questions. You will put it in neutral. Hold the bike with your right foot on the brake, left on the ground. You will have no trouble holding the bike up here with your left foot. At this point you may check your phone or adjust yourself if you so wish, but you will definitely be able to punch in a code or swipe or card to open the door with no issues. The bike will not fall over.

    If there's anything else that has you worried, don't hesitate to ask. But you'll find once you jump on the bike you'll be having so much fun you will forget about all these things.
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  8. Definitely over thinking. You'll come down and stop, however that's comfortable for you, both feet down or left foot down and right foot on the brake. If necessary, you'll be able to adjust your weight so you can put your right foot on the brake and lean slightly to the left so your right hand will be free to punch in the code. Stick it in neutral if it helps. Whatever, it'll be way easier than you're worried about.
  9. 1. Going down steep hills feels a bit odd as the front gets more weight than you're used to and the brakes aren't as effective so maybe try practise rides down some local steep streets (if you can find some). Try to keep your speed constant not free wheeling. Play with front-rear brake balance & engine braking (retardation) in lower gears. The added incline means your pressure on the brakes has to be higher, especially the rear. You have room & time to think on a quiet road rather than worrying about hitting the door.

    2. Going down the drive don't be rushed, have fun. Put it in neutral at the top so you've got less to think about (Smiledude says: "don't over think it"). Go down slowly riding both brakes. Stop at the button Left foot down. Slowly let off the front brake and see if you need more rear/foot pressure.

    3. Get a long pole so you can push the button yourself from the top. Leave it in a garden bed.;-)

    4. Then when you've mastered 2. Try it backwards. :D

    I roll backwards down my steep drive every night past the parked cars. Hardly ever scrape things these days. Dogs have learnt to leap aside.
  10. Thanks guys , much appreciated! Putting me more and more at ease.... Luckily I wont hit the door, i will however hit the curved wall... Haha, atleast it will force me into the car park haha :D

    Al_cam, point 1 is probably the best thing to do for me. I will have to find something though....

    As for backwards, no need hopefully! It is a large undercover parking for all tenants of the apartment complex. P.S - "Hardly ever scrape anything these days". Awesome line. haha
  11. If you want the door to stay open just put abit of black tape over the laser beam or pinch the reflector. Itll stay open all day and you wont need any help :D
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  12. You can always just hit the kill switch whilst in gear the first few times. The bike will stay with no hands and no feet on controls that way. Then just start it again.

  13. Bleeding obvious but it took a bike cop to point this out to me about 40 years ago.Very important if parking on a hill.They can roll off the stand.
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  14. Thanks for the tip Vertical C, was not aware this would stop the bike in place. Think I have the confidence to get into the garage thanks for the tips here. Now I just need to decide on a bike and bite the bullet on it :) Unless the wife kills me before that! :D
  15. Move to a house.
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  16. Sounds like my unit complex hahaha.
  17. Talk about over complicating a very simple thing...
  18. @Stupendous@Stupendous Maybe we live in the same place! You in Campbelltown? hahaha. Though I have not seen a Ninja in our parking haha.

    @TWEET@TWEET Might be for you mate, but definitely wasn't "simple" for a new rider. Have gone up and come down a few times now, still not 100% confident and have to take it quite slowly.
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  19. A steep decline is a simple thing. Gravity does the work for you in neutral or with clutch pulled in. Like a pushbike, roll up to the button, use rear brake to hold bike while you press it................
    Steep INCLINE for a noob is somewhat different, because you will only get uphill by pushing it, or by using the clutch and throttle in combination.
  20. Agree that gravity does the work, and its a simple process. However, the button is half way down the decline, not up the top. Also have to push the buttons and wait there for door to open, or (which I have to do) try and get the keys out of my pocket and swipe the key to open the gate.

    I find the incline easier than the decline. Incline is exactly as you say, clutch and throttle in combination. No stopping half way, just straight up and away I go.