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Steep learning curves - want to hear about yours

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by speedysnaill, May 2, 2007.

  1. Hi all! Well, had my very first 'close encounter' this morning. Good old South Road, Adelaide, 8:15am (yay! peak hour!). Had my baby for exactly one week. (Yes, I'm expecting comments about not enough riding experience and being an idiot and riding during peak hour. Feel free to abuse me :grin:)

    So anyway, I decided to pay attention to another motorcyclist who rode past instead of the line of traffic in front of me. And all it took was that one second where I missed that someone had decided to turn right, thereby stopping the flow of traffic. I was a maximum of about 15meters away, doing 60k, when I realised the cars were stopped. I slammed on my rear brake (and maybe the front brake, but I can't remember too well) and locked it up. The back of the bike tried to overtake the front as it skidded to my left and I went sliding (still upright, but at an angle) into the left hand lane. Meanwhile i had released both brakes (maybe pumping the back brake? memory is a little sketchy) and after a couple of jolts she straightened up and I continued heading on my way, body shaking with the overdose of adrenaline I had received.

    My lesson learnt: Pay attention at ALL times. If there had been a car in the left hand lane, I doubt I would have been walking today.

    If anyone has a steep learning curve story like mine, I want to hear it :cool:

  2. Well learnt grasshopper remember, when the bike goes into gear, so does your brain, and it stays in gear until the bike isn't.

  3. yep "mig" corner on Mt Hotham, it's steep and tight....lesson learnt when the advisory sign suggests down hill hairpin at 25km/hr stewy should either pay attention or learn how to ride :facepalm: ](*,)

    that steep enough for you :LOL: :p

    oh well corners that you come a cropper on and don't kill you will generally scares the fcuk outta ya next time round!! :LOL:
  4. Mine was going up Mac Pass. I saw the sign suggesting 15km/h for the bend but thought there was a wider bend just before that from my memory. Well that must have been a different corner I was thinking of. I braked hard as possible and straightened up to keep good control of the bike. I stopped a metre before the guard rail on the wrong side of the road. Lucky no cars coming, although I suppose they would have been going pretty slow if there were. Still, pretty dumb.

    Lesson learned, 15 means tight corner dumbass!
  5. There is a good reason why you can buy disc locks with a "reminder rope".
    nuff said.
  6. Doesn't mean you always remember though :oops: :LOL:

    Oh..and..my other learning curves...

    If you can't move the bike backwards when you're on any kind of incline, make sure you have enough room to turn the bike around by moving forward...failing that, waving your arms like an idiot trying to call for help makes some people very wary :LOL:

    Always check the petrol is ON...

    For a weakling, I can be incredibly strong and push a bike up a hill when it suddenly stops and there's cars coming behind me :shock: :p
  7. I did the exact same thing but I stacked it. Like you, I was lucky there wasn't a car to the left of me and was lucky enough to have lost all my speed before I fell over.
  8. Exact same thing as who?

    Sorry, maybe i'm reading it wrong but I couldn't figure out what you're explaining there...
  9. I had been riding for a while, dailsford to balllarat and back amny times.

    My first time heading into melbourne, it was peak hour it was PI$$ING down. heading down Ballarat road get to the tram tracks turn from gordon st onto ballarat rd and then off onto droop street.

    Wet tram tracks turning slowly away in the wet... The bike kicked and bucked. Held it up and defenitly decided that tracks needed a lot of respect in future.
  10. Just a reminder that the front brake will stop you quicker.

    My learning curve hurt more than yours, I stopped the front tyre on a bit of hard plastic - maybe if I only used my back brake... Anyway the front slipped out and it all happened too fast that I didn't know what was happening till I was off. So look at the surface where you are stopping as well as everything else. Live and learn :grin:
  11. Well, you already know mine. :grin: :grin:
  12. As Kombi picked out, do the majority of your brake with the front brake. The back wheel becomes unloaded as the weight is transfered to the front under braking thus making the rear very easy to lock up like you do. Lucky you got the bike under control and was able to ride away after you slid it.!
  13. I did what speedysnail did.
  14. Did that myself about a month ago, except it was on Kensington Road.

    Was busy staring at a 400hp Shelby Cobra replica in the left lane, when a 4wd decided to turn right. Good thing I looked back when I did, otherwise I would have had a faceful of Pajero at 60km/h.

    Had to brake very close to the limit to stop just short of their rear bumper. Was a perfect stop though.

    D'oh! :facepalm:
  15. Right :) Thanks :) Without posting a name, being straight after mine I thought you were referring to me.

    Thanks for the clarification :)
  16. Feels good to know I'm not the only spastic out there! :LOL: It's strange now, that every time I brake I feel like the back wheel is sliding slightly to the left... I hope I'm just paranoid. My boyfriend (everyone go "awww" on three, 1... 2... 3... "AWWWWW!) said it's all in my head, so I'll take his word for it! But yeah, was definitely nervous on the way back from uni today - once again through peak hour!

    Cheers! :cool:
  17. i overtook a biker in reefton spur and being paranoid i kept checking my mirror. and this one time there is a sparkle of light, i took off my consentration to my mirror while a 35km/h downhill corner at the front was waiting. my reflex came bit late, rear tyre skidded which made me stop at the end of the opposite lane. huf!
  18. i'm glad you got away with it speedysnail, +1 on never letting your attention wander when you're on the road. may i suggest practicing your quick stops on a clear stretch of road to get the hang of front braking, i've locked up the rear wheel in the same situation because i didn't have it down, the best time to get more experienced at quick stops is NOT when you really need it!
  19. Which uni?
  20. might have to change that to when start button is on, so is your brain. i was sitting at the lights in neutral when my bike got written off by another idiot.