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Steep as Thatcher???

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by stigger, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Weird...

    Interesting question though can a yank play the Grand Empress Thatcher without the background of the destruction she caused, or is it better that the actress doesn't know???


  2. a good actor or actress can play any part, how many have played figures from hundreds or even thousands of years ago and done it convincingly?

    I just find the idea of a film about the Iron Lady a bit irrelevant when The Goodies did it in 30 minutes in the "Don't cry for me Marge and Tina" episode over 30 years ago :LOL:
  3. ancient history and recent history are very different things, coupled with the fact that the US and UK have very different views of Thatcher...
  4. never fear, hollywood is in control.
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  6. ...and I thought this was going to be a thread about difficult roofing. Sorry. :(
  7. Streep is an awesome actor but she's just too attractive and no where near imposing enough based on the picture in the OP. Now if they give her the opportunity to play the part and look the goods as she did in the The Devil Wears Prada I may just have tear filled flash backs to being a wee laddie back in Scotland when the 'Bad Lady' ruled :rofl:
  8. I understand your concern, stigger. It's scary to think how much of people's understanding of historical events comes to them filtered through the lens of Hollywood cinema. And the reception of Thatcher's reign is one of the more contentious topics I can think of.

    That said, just because Streep is a Yank doesn't mean she wont be able to do the job well. I think the script-writers, producers, and director, and what their perspective is, is likely to be more critical.

    The timing of the film is an interesting thing, what with the Tories attempting to re-sell Thatcher's legacy as a means of legitimising, by way of historical precedent, their own slash and burn policies (which if what I read is true are, in some areas more extensive than Thatchers). This film has the potential to be a real ideological weapon. I'd be very interested in seeing what angle they take.
  9. I feel it`s a bit of a kick in the b... for uk acting profession there a bucket loads of of top class actresses who could have played this part eg judi dench
  10. And just because she's a Yank doesn't mean it's a Hollywood film. Pathe and Film4 are both UK based (though if true to form half the film will probably be shot in the former Czech republic or some other cheap former Soviet Bloc country).
  11. ..well Rene Zellweger did a fab job as Bridget Jones!!... brilliant english accent and take-off of a brit chick (yes, I am a pommie!!)...

    I'm sure Streep will be fine. I just hope that the film is not "pap" and does reflect the Iron Lady in her true sense (Gawd!!....hope we don't get any Thatcher and Denis love moments!!)... 8-[

    Will be interesting to see how the Falklands war era will be treated in the film.
  12. The famous "Politics" episode dealing with Timita's rise to power... One of the worlds worst puns.
  13. I'm not sure they're going that far just the rise to power stuff, and ignoring the War to win all elections and the fall...
  14. This is true.

    A grim irony, given the topic?

    If you're right (and there is only so much they can get through in a feature length film), it doesn't bode well. Wonder if we'll be treated to her Friedrich Hayek "This is what we believe!" moment?
  15. Even though I acknowledge her acting ability I've never been able to stomach Streep. So she might make a good Thatcher.
  16. Or there always the "We have become a grandmother"
  17. ...Wot??... none of the ...."they died to save her face".....[-(
  18. Nope prolly just the Grammer School girls rise to power in a male toff dominated environment. As gloss over the brutal destruction of British Industry, a war just to get re elected and the descent in to madness...
  19. Was the onset before or after her son, Mark's, ill-conceived foray into the politics of Equatorial Guinea?
  20. Long before...

    Prolly about the same time he got lost on the Dakar...