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Steep Angled Driveway

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Mitch12345, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    Very new rider here, have my license after doing QRIDE, but that is all the experience I have on a bike, so I have a multitude of questions. I am yet to get a bike, will get gear soon and start test riding bikes when I can, however have a question about stopping/starting on inclines, specifically something like my driveway.

    My driveway is on a very steep hill, right in the middle of a blind corner. The driveway slopes heavily down to the right (as seen from driving in to the driveway), so much so the underside of my car's front end has taking a beating, as well as plenty of burnt rubber from wheels lifting a bit too much. Just wonder how one would tackle this, both entering and leaving on a bike?
  2. One very common way of falling is attempting to get a foot down and getting fresh air.Just don't stop if you can get away with it.Low seat hight helps too.If you do stop don't pull the clutch,rolling back wards also isn't fun,easier to stall and use the engine compression to stop it rolling.Whatever its going to be tricky till you become confident.A good escape if it does go pair shaped it engine off and using the brakes and clutch to get to a safe spot.You might take up Trials,Goggle it,different from Trail riding after a while.
  3. For the down hill, be in first gear and use engine braking and the rear brake. Use the clutch so you don't stall. Up hill keep the revs up and maybe slip the clutch a bit. Rear brake (maybe a little front) and pull in the clutch to stop at the top (if you can balance with one foot on the rear brake). Doesn't sound fun on your first ride on your first bike. Can you keep it somewhere else until you get used to it?
  4. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, issue with getting out is having to stop to check around the corner so would have to put my right foot down due to the angle, then pull out to the left down the hill, making using my rear brake kinda difficult.

    Can keep it down the hill in this parking area, house down from mine. But that's just out on the street, not undercover or anything, which is less than desirable.
  5. Stopping at the end of the drive, waiting to get out, MAKE SURE the front wheel is pointing in line with the bike as you use the front brake, THEN turn it to face down hill before you set off.
    major cause of dropsies is front brake, low speed and steering turned :banghead:, riding uphill into the drive use slow ride techniques - drag rear brake, more rpm and slip clutch to control speed, AND MOST important - look up and where you want to end up - NOT at where you dont want to fall;)
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  6. Lateral (but expensive) thinking, is there some way you can modify the exit to the driveway???
  7. Drives like this seem tough at first, but once you've done them a few times it becomes pretty easy. So just relax and listen to what prev posters have offered, you'll be fine. Tense arms won't help, so again, relax and just ride it.
  8. Just be careful going down and turning with too much front brake. All it takes is a little stick under front wheel and your sliding on your ass.
  9. Following on from Hornet's comments......
    Mitch12345, does your place have a separate pathway for pedestrians top get from the street to the house?

    My home has a broad concrete driveway and a narrow concrete path for walkers.

    It suits me to ride in on the narrow path rather than the broad driveway.

    Might that work for you?
  10. Where are you located,
  11. Thanks for all the responses
    Yeah, can't modify anything, I'm sure I'll get used to it.
    deadman, I'm in Holland Park, so plenty of hills to contend with
    Can probably stop at the bottom of the driveway at a decent angle to avoid turning too much. Then just ease off front brake and slight turn downhill. In doing this, how would you go out the launch? In terms of getting into gear before or after the slight turn.
  12. Don't crowd your immediate turn with lots of things to do, I would be in gear and setup prior to the turn. In fact don't come down the drive without being in gear. You should be able to use the clutch and rear brake to stop at the bottom to check for traffic. Then ease the clutch to its friction point and release the brakes.
  13. Come down the hill in first gear, No throttle, Lightly apply rear brake to keep the speed down,
    Pull up in a dead straight line, If you dont, It will throw you off it,
    Then, when stopped, Apply front brake, Take your time, You wont need rear brake when stopped,
    Then point the bike in the direction your going, Release front brake and roll away,
    Once your rolling and straightened up, Then accelerate, Not before you have it straightened up on the road,
    Practice it a few times, it gets easier with practice, as you become used to it,
  14. Call someone to demo it for you.
  15. If he was closer I would, I have a 1 in 3 Drive myself,
  16. Thanks for all the responses, think I have enough of an idea what to do and what not to do, just need a bike to do it on now
  17. With apologies for dredging up an old thread - there's some good advice here, thanks. I've got the same problem, although at least my drive isn't curved, just steep and with little stopping room at the bottom of the hill before the pavement and then road begins. It's a fairly busy road too.