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Stebel Nautilus - who can install it?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by toadcat, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. I've just ordered a Stebel Nautilus horn for my bike however I'm absolutely useless at electronics and would need someone to install it for me.

    Where would I go to get this done? Or does anyone on here with experience want to for a case of their choice?


  2. Post your location may help you get some responses. :)
  3. I'm up at Mona Vale.

    If I took it to a Jaycar or something would they be able to do it?
  4. nah jaycar don't deal with installs, they only sell stuff.

    shouldn't be too hard to fit it, just a bolt or 2 to mount and join some wires. haven't seen a stebel in person but they should be standard spade terminals, all you do is clip (slide) them on .
    but if you really need help or aren't confidant, best go to mechanic/sparky
  5. I got my bike guy to do my Steible. Pretty well tucked away too. Couldnt find the bastard in the fairing, but the cagers can sure as hell hear the funt!
  6. I had a compact nautilus on my last ride..undo the bolt retaining the stock horn and bolt the new one on..plug and play..if it dont work,change the wires over.
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    For the electrically challenged, a stebel magnum is a better bet as its a straight swap over, no extra current draw etc .
    (thats what i did.)

    but ... you can try you tube !

  8. The nautilus is honestly a piece of cake to install.

    It comes with a relay and wiring instructions. The most difficult part will be finding a suitable mounting place for the airhorn itself.

    Other than that, as long as you can tell the + from the - on the battery, too easy!!
  9. Okay I'll give it a go.

    If anyone wants to help for a case of beer though, I'll be happy to provide that :D

    EDIT: I don't have solders or anything.. I assume I'd need that though? My mate has that stuff though.
  10. If your mate has that stuff he may have enough nous to install it for you.
    A sixpack should do it.

  11. Did you buy the wiring harness that comes as an option with some sellers? If so, then it is extraordinarily very easy as all the correct connectors are available. The hardest thing is routing the wiring harness along the chassis and mounting the horn in an out of the way place.

    Be aware that the compressor has some kick to it so if you are using any type of bracket for placement purposes, then it needs to be at least 1.2mm thick.

    I bought mine from this guy

    (y) There is a good how to guide online at http://www.gsx650f.biz/installing-a-stebel-natilus-horn-eastern-beaver-fuse-panel-t1961.html

    Good Luck
  12. I had a look this afternoon - I've got absolutely no idea what to do. I don't have a wiring harness, so I'm going to PM the guy on ebay for one.

    How did you mount yours? I can't really figure out anywhere to mount mine on my Hornet..
  13. If you are in Mona Vale take it to Motorcycle Weaponry
    I have a Stebel on my Monster saved me heaps of times
    MW are really good
  14. how did u go toady?

    I just got one of these off ebay.
  15. I've got a Nautilus compact on my naked. Super easy install, I had to use the relay as the current draw was too high for the stock fuse.