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Steam punk anyone?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ward_4e, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. after my last post ona rebuilt steam motorcycle i was musing around a steampunk anime site ( dont ask its an old addiction to engineering ) and i cam across some more interesting thins from those cooky germans...


    mutch better than a fluffy trumpy triple... oh for those including me who were saved from having to learn german here is the link to bablefish...


    mmmn brass you dont see enough brass anymore... If it wasnt so soft... if anyone else likes polishing metal or cleaning up chrome and aluminium they will understand...
  2. Cool. Actually, some brass alloys have tensile strengths similar to steel, developed obviously for this sort of thing.
    Steam is a pretty cool thing, I've always had a desire to own one of those huge steam traction engines.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Steampunk? This is steampunk!


    "The Darby Steam-Digger, a light traction engine, was invented circa 1879 by Farmer Thomas Darby and built at Lodge Farm Pleshey, near Chelmsford in Essex, England. Robert Hasler, seen driving the Digger, helped to build this first prototype. In effect the machine was an early tractor designed mainly for ploughing, and could accomplish one acre (1 m²/s) an hour to a maximum depth of 14 inches (360 mm). This first digger was constructed on pedestrian principles and had six "feet" and really did walk over the fields. Unfortunately it jumped too much to be really successful. The digger was later modified to have wheels in place of the legs."

    Cool or what? :)
  4. yeah most definatley... I dont know why but I find older technologies facinating... and some are still very practical. Steam punk machines are just one area and I guess i am always hopeing for a lo tech solution to hitech problems...

    I'm definatley heading over to matweb then to look up these alloys you speak of... i may get a spawned bronse triple tree yet...
  5. Hey Ward 4e

    Give us the link to the steam punk anime site

    Yes i have seen a scale model of the darby steam digger it is about 12" big and fullyoperational

    Yeah i have a fasination for steam engines i have just Finished a 16mmx 16mm twin cylinder piston ported engine just about to start the vales and lubricator this afternoon just limped the laverda home from the italian motorcycle concourse in melbourne so bugger it the bloodytriple canwait till nextweekend

    Yep i just love machining brass copper ally and my favorite stainless steel i love machining that give it a polish and you never touch it again

    Just got hold of some titanium so going to give thata go this arvo dont know yet what it will be used onso got to find something

  6. Look up nickel aluminum bronze family DGS 1043 from memory

    Good stuff machines like CS 10 40 medium carbon bar
  7. your wish brucy is my bookmarks command...

    This guy rocks...

    in particular

    I love the six legged walker at the bottom..


    or most of teh contempory history plus I Want these goggles


    last but not least the webcomic...


    write up on the genre


    but my fasicnation with the whole idea started after watchin laputa and nassica valley of the wind... the retro tech / steam punk machines which I thought were nuts and awesome...