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Steam coming from my bike after riding in rain.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by BalmyBrowny, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. g'day all.

    Just rode home from work in a nice litle drizzle. so nice and cold(sih). It is only brisbane afterall ;) bike was on 250km by the odo so stopped on way home for petrol. about 3 k's from home. didn't notice anything then.
    Got home and got off my bike, and i saw steam coming up from the righthand side. from the radiator area.
    So just wonderig what this could be from? is it just cause the bike is reacting to the cold? if so i've never noticed it before. or is it something not nice like a radiator or head gasket??

    just trying to get a feel for whats wrong before i call the bike doctor :(
  2. Rain + Heat = Steam! Nuttin' to worry about :)
  3. It will be water that is now falling downward onto hot engine bits and steaming up.

    As he said, nothing to worry about.
  4. well thats 2 for 2. thanks guys. was a bit worried. will keep an eye on it just in case anyway. but thanks for reasssurance.
  5. While it can be very disconcerting, us Mexicans have had enough experience over the years to not be worried about steam during/just after rain :wink:

    There's plenty of other things to worry about! :p
  6. jeez, i just start my bike up after it's been rained on and use the steam to warm my hands up a bit :p
  7. yeah i've ridden in rain before.. just never noticed it. is why i though ti would put the feelers out an see what others thought. just doesn't rain enough in bris for it to be a regular thing to do :p
  8. If the coolent level is still ok I'm with the others on this.
  9. 2wheelsagain - yeah been checking the cooloant and oil regularly (change oil every 1000 - 1500km's and check water resevoir every time i clean chain i.e every week)
  10. its just the jealous and or miss guided thoughts of cagers caught in your radiator evaporating. :wink:
  11. I had steam like that before. Lots of it too after riding. It was coming uo as high to be infront of my lights. but it went away soon after...
  12. it is the heat from the lights as well, i saw this to and started to freak out thinking my bike was smoking but nope just steam