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Stealth motorcycling gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by OneTrack, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Hi All,

    I have just posted my first post on Netrider in the Welcome Lounge. My second is here.

    I am new to motorcycling and would like to start purchasing my kit. I do have a major criteria for my first gears - It has gotta be discrete in that it doesn't scream biker and it can be used in another social situation, like visiting my anti-biking GF's parents. Once I get a bike, that's a problem for another day.

    I will be acquiring the gears slowly - at sales etc - but will pay $$$ for good protective gear that fit my criteria.

    I plan to limit my training and rides for fair weather.

    To start of, I am thinking of pairing Draggin jeans k-legs with knee armor. Does anyone have experience with this combination? Any recommendations for the type of knee armor?

    Can anyone recommend any good riding boots that looks like normal boots and is comfortable when walking?

    Why do some jackets have armor in the shoulders and elbows but not back?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I got some white rays motorcycle shoes that look like regular sneakers if that helps?

    Stealth jackets and stuff though?
    How do intend hiding shoulder and elbow pads etc
  3. :rolleyes:..... could tell 'em that you've got a bone density problem I s'pose......

    ....... and wear armour protection in case of a fall,..... or you get accosted by one of these king-hitter types on the street

    unfortunately though, they'll probably think you are so fcuked-up in the head they wont let you see the daughter anymore :confused:
  4. There are a few companies who do bomber jackets in quite supple looking leather which could pass for a fashion item. I'd expect the armour to show, though, so if you really want to be inconspicuous you might need to take it out for the duration. ISTR Walden Miller do some good ones. Not cheap though.

    As for jackets having shoulder and elbow armour but nothing in the back, there are a few reasons for this. Some riders prefer to wear a separate back protector and so don't need anything built into the jacket. Others, mainly old gits like me, were riding long before any kind of armour was widely available for road gear and so are not particularly concerned about the lack of it.

    In reality, your pointy bits like shoulders, elbows, hips and knees are far more vulnerable in a crash than your spine. It's easy to damage them seriously in even a low speed drop, as you'll recognise if you've ever clouted your elbow on a doorframe or your knee on a towball, and in anything faster at least one of them is almost guaranteed to touch down hard at some point. This vulnerability makes them a priority for protection.

    Your back, on the other hand, is surprisingly robust in the event of a simple, flat impact. You can hit the ground very hard indeed on the flat of your back and suffer nothing but bruising. Most spinal injuries from motorcycle crashes are as a result of torsion or hyperextension, neither of which will be mitigated much by anything that it's practical to put into a jacket. Most of the remainder are as a result of hitting objects like kerbs, poles, rocks etc. Here a good spine protector may help a bit but a god spine protector amounts to a bit more than a sheet of temperfoam in the back of your jacket.

    So it's a question of priorities. Elbows etc can be given significant levels of protection against likely impacts cheaply and easily. Spinal protection that will actually offer anything more than a warm fuzzy feeling is more expensive and less practical for everyday use and is certainly going to be rare in anything that would pas as non-bike gear.
  5. I'm not fussed on the knee armour that comes with jeans because it can move around a bit and needs to be a bit flexible with placement to accommodate different sizes. The Draggins might be different.
    I use RS Taichi Stealth knee guards under Kevlar Jeans and they really are stealth. Soft ones can be slid off under my jeans. Haven't tried the hard ones yet.
  6. More to the point
    Why are you so concerned what your GF parents think anyway ?
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  7. Drop the girl. Save more money. Buy bike. Get nice poontang
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  8. Hang on, if you're worried about your gf's parents finding out you have a motorcycle, you're obviously not going to ride it to their house...so why would you be wearing your gear anyway?
  9. Yeah I don't really get that either. I guess if his gf lets her parents control her life, but I don't get why people do that either. Maybe I've been blessed with independence.

    Well let's not be hasty now, we don't know how hot the girl is yet. OneTrack, a picture if you please?
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  10. This is someone from Melbourne?

    Cue a quick burst of sniggling.

    Buy gear that is likely to save you pain and damage......as for the g/f's parents.......

    What can I say that won't get me chastised by a moderator?
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  11. Knox make good knee and hip protectors that fit under any jeans. Your hips will take most of the impact if you come off sideways and a fudged pelvis/hip bone is a lifelong injury in a lot of cases.
    I'd be more concerned about protecting myself from injury than worrying about the GFs parents.

  12. Smooth...

    To the OP, don't worry about what your gf's parents have to say and just rock up with full gear, the more colours the better...it enhances the rebel look. It might actually be a good thing, they will see you are responsible with safety. Hell, wear hi-viz vest while you're at it.
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  13. Keep your helmet on and nod at them - repeatedly.
  14. I try to bring a certain class to the organisation
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  15. you wont be able to carry a pillion anyway so i dont see why the gf's parents would be worried. not sure about vic but in qld your ctp is heaps cheaper if you change it to a one seater only, therefor you save money and cant ride around with your gf so her folks should be happy.

    even if you turn up to her house in all the gear, doesnt that show that you are responsible?
  16. Got say your pushing S#$% up hill.
    1. Helmet hair will give you away every time.
    2. weight of the gear will give it away everytime. With armour in the jacket alone making the jacket heavier then standard ones.
    Like other I would think about comfort and safety features over being discrete . Maybe consider a nice big top box on the bike to store all the gear like jacket helmet and gloves.

    Not sure what your style is but maybe something form here might meet your needs. http://bikersgearaustralia.com/prod...C0wLTA=&Txid=a60d589aed1ca1ce186f91d517600e0b
  17. Or you could just pretend to be the Stig

    Some say......
  18. Buy gear to suit your riding not to hide the fact your ride.
    Otherwise save your money and take the car.
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  19. Hats off to you sir. There is indeed a lack of class.