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Discussion in 'Showcase' started by murchy, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. My new bike.

    She is called Steak and she is my favourite =].


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  2. I do like the new ones in white :)

    ** though I was expecting a slab of meat in this thread... dissapointed at that I am! ;)
  3. Looks meaty for a hyosung... whats the engine size?
  4. Apart from the vertical headlight, I really like the look of the Hyo's. Especially in white. (y)
    Nice piece of Steak you have there Murchy.
  5. :)
    You might've been lucky and got one of the ones that won't just fall apart
  6. lucky you're not a vegetarian :LOL:
  7. She's a 650, currently LAMS restricted =]

    As much as I would have loved to spend more money on a more recognized brand, being a student my funds were limited. I'm aware of the stigma surrounding Hyosungs, but have heard good things about the newer models so hopefully it ends up working out.
    That said, I couldn't be happier with my purchase and am loving every minute of it.
    Also not to sound rude, but I would appreciate it if this thread didn't turn out to be full of Hyosung bashing from people that have never actually owned one.
    Also I love my Steak and won't hear anything bad about her, at least for the next few months, haha =].
  8. Good stuff mate. Enjoy her.

    No doubt I'll see you around :)
  9. Chuck Steak?? Ok Ill lay off!
  10. good on ya.

    It dont matter what you ride, what does matter is how much you love to ride.
  11. I actually have owned a Hyosung. A Hyosung Rally 50cc scooter. Pretty solid little thing! But alas it was too small and had f'ck all power.

    Whether or not yours falls apart, it should be heaps of fun while it lasts! Those Hyosung L-Twins sound beautiful with a proper exhaust setup, which it looks like yours has. Just like a Ducati!
    Awesome that you got the 650 and didn't just settle for the little 250! Bigger the engine, the more the power and the better the note!
  12. Your bike and your passion, enjoy your new ride!! Congrats :)
  13. So many meat product jokes; no matter how cheap the cut, it's still better than a plate full of offal etc.

    At the end of the day your Hyo is still far better than my, well, nothing. Congrats on the ride and may you share many miles of happiness together.
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    I've owned one, does that mean I can bash them? ;p
  15. Dougz =[
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    Go on can I...
  17. Must have been cooked for while, because they're not all that rare.

    Nice to see, mate. Congratulations on your new toy.

    It's white, like ghost. Would that make you the GhostRider?
  18. There are plenty of Hyo riders down at the Saturday practice sessions and they all seem very happy with them.

    Looks fantastic in white by the way.
  19. Lovely bike, no wonder you sound so happy.
  20. That's exactly the reasoning behind where the name came from actually haha.
    At the end of the day, I'd still rather a budget steak than a plate of vegies.
    My mate suggested it and I thought it was a nice change from all the other bike names floating around :p