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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kyro_02, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. ( I know I should ring, but it's a bit hard explaining over the phone + they don't have the information I'm after on their website :p )

    Just wondering (HART and also RIDETEK do THIS ).... but what I want to know is, does StayUpRight do the same 4 tests as the above diagram for learner tests? only reason I'll be going with StayUpRight is because it's literally 5 minutes from me.

  2. Isnt the test a standard test?? Would be surprised if it was different as you are marked according to the Vic Rds guidelines on testing i would be quite sure.
  3. Exactly the same 4 tests, they are not premitted to alter it in any way, and Vicroads are very strict the way the test is conducted. I have heard they send people in to do the test that work for vicroads to make sure it's being conducted to the vicroads way.

    Ridetek site shows you animations of what the test is, better than the pdf link. http://www.ridetek.com.au/learningtesting.htm
  4. Just as i thought steve. :grin:
  5. Thanks for speedy reply, I figured it would all be same but doesn't hurt to make 100% its the way shown in the diagram/animation.

    Thanks :)