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Staying Online Abroad

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by PatB, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Well, I'm off to the UK for a month in April and I'm looking for advice on remaining in contact with the civilised world.

    I'll be taking my Asus eeeeeeePC (lovely little device BTW) and my not too ancient Nokia and, rather than paying exorbitant roaming fees, I'm thinking in terms of getting a prepaid wireless modem for the netbook and a pre-paid sim card for the phone once I'm over there. Anybody know if this is a good idea or if there's a better way to go about it?

    Choice of service provider would be based on coverage in areas I'll be visiting, so I'm looking at various online coverage maps with interest.

    I know I'm a former native of the place, but the Internet barely existed outside institutions and mobiles were still not universal when I left, so I'm a bit behind with developments.
  2. :rofl:

    You make yourself sound like such a dinosaur! I reckon the pre-paid idea is a good one. I would run with that, its much cheaper than roaming and its pointless getting a plan for a short trip.
  3. Yeah, get a prepaid sim once over there. It should work in your USB modem provided the provider runs on the same frequency that your modem is able to work at.

    If you don't already have a modem, don't get one from Three. They may deliver it after you get back :roll: :rofl:
  4. Local prepaid is definitely the way to go for the phone. As for the net access, depending on your needs you might be just able to get by connecting to available free wireless access points with your notebook. Places like caffees, McDonalds, some restaurants, maybe libraries? It depends on where in England would you go - but that's probably true for prepaid wireless as well; if you go into the countryside coverage might not be all that great... though I would hope it'd be better than it is in Australian country.
  5. We're heading over for a while too, and we've been told by friends who've just come back that free wireless access is almost everywhere, some pubs only require purchase of a beer and will give you the wep/wpa/whatever key.

    So I'd scope out the living area first then go buy a pre-pay kit if you can't get something good.
  6. Where are you staying? I recently spent 4 weeks travelling around the UK in Jul/Aug, and for much of the time we stayed in the Premier Inn (www.premierinn.com) which is one of the cheapest hotel chains in the UK, but still very good. They have wireless access in most places which I used with my notebook. It does cost a small amount, but worth it. Each motel has a food chain restaurant with it also where you get extremely cheap breakfasts (all you can eat for 7.50 quid), dinner etc. Worth looking into if you haven't already organised accomodation.
  7. as above, i recently spent about a month traveling around UK/EU, every place I stayed at (mostly backpackers etc) had some form of free wireless I could use with my trusty EeePC :D

    so depending on how reliable you need your access to be... might not need to worry about it!
  8. Thanks for that everyone.