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Staying dry

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Krish, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. hi folks,

    the last couple of times that i rode in the rain I noticed a palm sized wet patch on my shirt just above the waist... implying that the rain water is seeping through the gap between the jacket and pants around the lap...
    has anyone had this happen and have any tips to fix it?
  2. Everyone has had this happen, and no-one has ever come up with a solution. Sorry.
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  3. I find that happens if my t-shirt is untucked it soaks up the water, haven't had it happen once I tucked it in.
  4. Only 1 wet patch? You're doing well. Normally it's a combo of any of the joins - neck, waist, wrists, ankles. Then there are the not quite waterproof gloves and boots, and the leaking jacket zipper.

    All in all, I'd say you're doing well, so pull your pants up (literally), tighten your waist adjustment on your jacket, and get on with it :]

    Oh, and lean forward more.
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  5. Aerostitch suit or similar one piece will fix your moistness.
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  6. Buy some better gear. After 4 years my RST Jacket now lets a small amount of water through to the middle of my chest. The rest of me stays warm dry and toasty. My Dianese gloves don't leak, my Rjays Boots done Leak and my rain pants don't leak. Althoug I do pull them up like Grandpa Pants. The only other place water ever gets in and it's usualy only a tiny amount, is that it runs off the back of my helmet and down the back of my neck, so I try to stay more upright so hopefully the water then runs down the outsite of my jacket.
  7. The other cause I've seen for this is if you have folds down the front of your jacket that can hold water while you are riding. Make sure that you pull your jacket down straight at the front so that all water runs off before it can have a chance to seep through. If you think it might be coming through a zip try giving them a rub with candle wax or a seam sealing spray.
  8. It just happens mate. Unless you have a waterproof onesie you're gonna get it.

    Thus was from my ride home this morning. T-shirt was tucked in BTW. IMG_201408121902.
  9. RST gear with neck-wrap almost works - except for the wrist zippers which let a few drops in after a really heavy down pour. Used a can of nik-wax silicone spray before winter started, which made it really slippery on the seat :wideyed:

  10. Exactly the same....hmm...it didnt seem to me that much could be done about it....but was hoping some resident netrider genius had come up with a fix...
  11. It's a question of how much trouble you want to go through for a relatively small problem.
    TWO layers of waterproof gear (only one needs to be protective) will cut the leakage down to hardly anything but you'll look and feel like the Michelin man.
    Or fast drying synthetic clothing and it won't matter for long.
  12. Good quality gear helps, but, the longer your in it and the heavier the rain, water will nearly always find ways in..
  13. tightened my jacket at the waist a bit more last evening and have had no leaks in 2 rides after that.... i'm thinking I might just throw a thin wind-shirt or something on top of my shirt on rainy days to keep my work wear dry.... at least in winter an extra layer isn't going to feel uncomfortable....
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  14. Having spent a sinful amount of money on the best sailing gear you can buy and then let Bass Strait throw water at me for hours at a time I can advise you that there are always spots that water will find a way to seep in if you give it half a chance.....
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  15. Agree... Monday my ride from Sutherland to the airport in constraint heavy down pour was;
    20 minutes of 'hey, I'm dry'
    20 seconds of ' is that water I feel?'
    20 minutes of getting soaked... Boots, gloves, half way up my arms, etc
  16. toying with the idea of spalshing out on a 1 piece riding suit....thoughts??
  17. I've got this one piece suit with a roof and four wheels. Arrive at work warm and dry even in the most treacherous conditions.
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  18. what about a waterproof oversuit?
  19. Had a look around and a decent waterproof oversuit (RST, DriRider) costs around $100...and that means having to carry an extra layer around and of course the added gear up and gear off time....
    On the other hand, a well reviewed (Olympia Odessey) 1 peice suit that will replace my current 3 season jacket and pants will cost me about $500 incl. postage....
    Therefore my dilemma.....
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    A small wet patch on your shirt? Could be worse...

    2013-12-23 09.14.48.

    That was caused by cheap nylon "waterproof" over-pants. They were waterproof except in the seams which resulted in this season's "you pissed your pants" look, as worn by derros everywhere.

    These days I wear RST waterproof textile trousers which do the job alright, except that they ride up a bit, so my boots end up full of water when it's seriously pissing down.

    Shrug... if I want to stay completely dry, I'll drive a car. Getting wet's all part of the fun, right? :)
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