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Stay Upright Intermediate

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by aearthnick, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. I went today out at Eastern Creek and what a great time. It really built up my confidence especially cornering and at the same time helped others more experienced to get out of some bad habits.
    I highly recommend the course, can't wait for Advance 1 in November and I must say the instructors at Upright did an outstanding job.
    This course is a must for all riders even if you've been riding for years.


  2. Stay Upright is where I done my learners and if anyone asks me for a place I would gladly recommend them and i'll prob do some of the other courses they have too.
  3. There are better places out there than stay upright, you will recommend them cause thats all you know :)
  4. Yeah maybe and I will give them a try out later, but today I really turned a corner in my riding skills. I met a lot of other riders out there that shared the same experience.
    After I do my Advanced 1 I will probably look at a place that concentrates more on track riding. Which do you recommend Goz?

  5. What places would you recommend as better?

    Iv'e done lvl1 superike school and enjoyed it and learned a lot, and my fiance has done one of the HART courses and they were both great also.

    I have looked at the stay upright courses too, what sor tof things did they cover in your course aearthnick?

  6. Hi Lucius

    The Intermediate was only about 4 hrs long but pretty much all practical training on the track covering distance. Surprising not many L or P riders, mostly non restricted riders and non restricted bikes.
    Emergency breaking

  7. So what is your personal opinion of the Stay Upright Intermediate Course? How long ago did you do it?
  8. Theres nothing wrong with stay upright, dont get me wrong, its fine, plus your certificate will give u cheaper insurance, do it then move onto california superbike school, after you do the California, then move onto the farm if you want to come out riding like Rossi :)

    So if u have the money

    best 1 of all which is also on a private track

    awesome track
  9. Darlings this is way beyond the norm, but there are riders from the ASBK Series who will spend the day with you at the track.

    You pay for their Track Day plus throw more of the fluttery stuff at them and they are at your behest for the day.........
  10. I did the Stay Upright Intermediate course a couple of months ago and really enjoyed it. It went for most of the day with lunch provided, but best of all the whole day was paid for by my local council.
  11. Did this today. Can't recommend it highly enough. Am absolutely buggered though now.
  12. Have booked a Ride Safe course with HART in Sydney. Work is paying for the course however the next available date was Feb next year. Should be good, if not a day riding has to be better than a day at work.