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Stay Upright Intermediate Course

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by GM250, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. Has anyone attended one of these (this is the one prior to advanced 1 & 2) ? Be interested to hear how it was and what you got out of it. I read a write up on it in 2 wheels I think and it sounded good. Ive been riding for about 15 months and am thinking of registering for it.

  2. heya

    ive just sent them an email about going along to a course at queensland raceway. i havent yet got a reply.

    where are u thinking of doing it? do you have any of the dates by any chance?
  3. Nettles

    have you thought about just doing a track day throuhg championsrideday and pay an extra 150 for tuition?

    I think it's better and cheaper.

    wonder if the Hyodung will hold up though :LOL:
  4. In melbourne out at hoppers crossing. the website says end of Aug, Sept and oct. They all seem to be the last sunday of the month. I think I'll do the Sept or Oct one and if I like it I'll do the advanced in Nov. I had a look and Qld doesnt specify any dates
  5. I've done the course. It was quite helpful for me, covered some good tips, and had plenty of practice on the very twisty track. It'd be a good course to do when on your L's... it covers most of the skills you need for the P's test. The Advanced course is, according to the instructors, pretty much the same thing but at higher speed, I haven't done that one yet.
  6. I did the advanced course after about 1 year with my licence and it was pretty good fun (racing around hte track is adictive).

    I didn't do the intermediate course and if your been riding for a year i think you could skip the intermediate and go straight to the advanced course.
  7. tunelliner the hyo will hold up just fine. thanks very much :p. it may be korean but its cheap, relaible and outruns all the other 250's that i ride with.

    the advanced course is a present from my old man who was a former stay upright instructor. he wants me to get some skills under my belt. as a pov student. i was more than happy to get tracktime rather than just flying laps of mount cootha on the weekends (to many police, cars, animals and cyclists).
  8. GM250, if you've actually been riding in your 15months, then I'd skip the intermediate course, you're wasting your $ - do the advanced 1, you'll get more relevant advice for your experience level, and plenty of time to practice it around the track.