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Stay Upright Intermediate course - May 26th Oran Park

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by gjonesy, May 26, 2008.

  1. Just completed a full day at Oran Park with Stay Upright, doing the intermediate course.

    Great bunch of riders, from all walks of life and bike experience. There were more experienced riders with big bikes than I anticipated. 16 of us on the day and only two L platers (one being me). Many 'mature' returning riders there too.

    One Buell, a Monster, a new Busa, a Firebird, Four GS500's, Gixxer 600, Kawasaki ZX12R, two speed triples, one flashy Harley etc...

    We went around the North track and practiced Counter steering, Cornering, Emergency braking (much faster than L's practice), Cone weaves, revving when down shifting, dropping the shoulder when cornering, general good techniques etc...

    I would recommend it. Many of the techniques were covered during my L but most (of course) was new. But the practical on a free track was invaluable.

    The day does take it out of you, so if you're traveling far I would suggest a night over in the area. Keeping focussed on ride home needed 'in helmet' running commentary...

    One of the chaps placed a pic on another forum:
  2. Yeah im gonna be doing the intermediate course

    will you be doing the advanced one in the future ?
  3. Yes deffo going to do the Advanced course once I'm able to get all I learnt recently into habit. Easier said than done and might take a while.

    Wayne, the instructor, mentioned that the 'cornering and braking course' gets you much more track time on the larger South course at Oran Park. So that one sounds good.

    Enjoy the day