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Stay Upright courses

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Admiral Thrawn, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. Just been looking at their website and was wondering how good their courses are?

    It's $370 to do the Advanced course here in SA. I'm thinking of booking but wanted to get people's opinions on it first.

    I noticed they also have a "Cornering and Braking" course.

    Is it worth it? Are there any other good riding schools?
  2. Definately yes. I have done their Advanced course...learnt lots and good fun too. The Cornering and Braking is the next step after....is good too...but (I think you're a newbie) do a couple of Advanced courses first...there is only so much you will learn with the first.
  3. Did my P test at HART in St Ives and was kind of disappointed this time. I had a great prelearners course with an awesome intructor, learnt alot. But the pre provisional course/license test of today was the same things as the prelearner course. So I really took nothing from the course. I know its supposed to be a test mainly, but the way its structured is with alot of emphasis on the theory of riding and only 30-40 minutes on the actual test bit. And with that structure they should have concentrated on more than buffering. I buffered since I got my bike as was taught to (like everyone else) in prelearners, and continued refining it since then.

    So I'm not too sure if I would bother with the HART you've got your Ps 'advanced' session - will either do the dirt biking or get private lessons.. Or wait until I get my full license and can do the advanced full licensed course. Anyone have experience/comment on the HART advanced courses?
  4. I did the advanced stay upright course in January. It was good and bad at the same time. It was very much focused on road riding even though we were on the track. The emphasis was on safety and roadcraft. We learnt about general riding such as posture on the bike - that was excellent. We skimmed over the basics of being in the ready position at all times (like what they teach in your P's) and blipping the throttle. We talked about being alert of drivers and therefore using your brakes instead of just changing down gears to stop, therefore indicating to drivers behind that you are stopping. We did braking and emergency stops, obstacle avoidance and some slow manoeuvring. We talked about having a plan for each and every corner i.e., looking ahead, head turns, gears and leaning. And this is where I come to the bit where I got confused. I have just got back into riding again. I was coming along OK as I practised counter steering in bends etc.... Then at the course they said to lean the bike and keep your body upright when riding around the bends (keeping in mind that we were road riding not track racing). I found this awkward and it made me take a backward step in my learning. Maybe I got it wrong because there was so much to absorb in the day? They didn't talk about counter steering at all in corners; I guess that comes in the cornering course later. But I have to say it was great but I was a little disappointed because of that one aspect. I’d still recommend it. The instructors are fantastic and a very talented bunch. You get heaps of feedback.
  5. Have a look in the yellow pages too or vist the Garage at Strath and speak to Marylou. There are local (Adelaide) providers of courses that would be good for a starting point.

    Stay Upright courses are worth the money IMO.

    What don't you think you are doing right / need to improve?
  6. To be honest, nothing in particular which relates to road riding.

    I'm going to begin racing bikes very soon and want to learn skills applicable to racing. I have years of superkart and car racing behind me and feel like trying bike racing, since I've been having so much fun.

    I basically want to do a trackday lapping the circuit at speed with expert instruction providing commentary and advice on my riding (like a motorcycle equivalent of Skip Barber's Racing School).
  7. Sounds like you might be better suited to Superbike School.
    My husband can't say enough good things about it.

  8. well admiral i'mgoing for the advanced on the 2nd and 3rd of feb and then on to the cornering and breaking afterthat.... so i could give you a write up afterwards.
  9. Thanks, that would be very helpful! :)
  10. Thanks for that. I had heard about the California Superbike School run by (or owned by) Keith Code. Didn't know they held courses in Aus though. :)
  11. Hi Admiral

    I did a superbike school a few years ago.
    Pretty much what you are after, although you wont get ALL of the feedback you are after, they do have lots of riders to cope with.

    I'm not sure how many students per teacher, anyone care to answer?

  12. I've been to the Superbike School and would recommend them. Did mine at Philip Island.

    Have you contacted the Cafe Racers? They're in Adelaide and I think this is what you may be looking for. They will be able to give you lots of insight into m/c racing and get you started.