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Stay Upright Advanced Riding Course [REVIEW]

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by dfAreNt, May 9, 2008.

  1. Hey all!

    Just recently completed the Advanced Skills riding course at Oran park on the 28th! Just thought i'd let you know how it all went.!!

    So the morning got off to a slow start, a few people rocking up late etc. The day started off with the instructor talking about riding position and fatigue etc. Then we got out and did some drills! Emergency stops, cone weaves/countersteering, pot hole avoidance, racing line/apexing. All the activities were first performed by an instructor on a bike, and another instructor explaining the drill, the importance of it, how it can be used in everyday riding, and most importantly how to do it! Then it was your turn, where you performed the drill in front of the instructor and stopped, and received feedback and critique.!

    All very fun, very helpful.

    After lunch, the 2nd part of the day was the most fun, where we were split up into 5 groups, depending on how fast you thought you were you would choose which group you wanted to be in. Each group had their own instructor and they would follow you for a lap and a half, then you pull into pit lane and the instructor would give you feedback on the lap! Falling to the back of the cue, the next person would take lead and so on and so forth until the group was finished.
    I can safely say that this exercise helped me the most in general.
    My style of riding has changed exponentially, im now a safer rider, i know the limits of my bike better, and the day was just great great fun!

    If you're looking to improve your skills, this course is a MUST!
    Its the best modification you could ever make to your riding!
  2. how much was it mate??
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