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Stay Upright - Advanced or California Superbike School...?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Pedro78, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,

    My parents have offered to pay for me to do a riding course so im currently trying to decide whether to do the Stay Upright - Advanced level 1 or the California Superbike level 1 course.
    I realise that doing either one is going to be helpfull but just wondering which one people recommend and why?
  2. I haven't done SB School, but I've done both the Advanced courses and they were great. The Stay Upright courses are more road focused where as I *think* the SB School is more track focused. The Stay Upright courses also teach things like roadcraft also.
  3. After only being on the bike for ~3 weeks and only having clocked up ~500kms of ride experience i did the Level1 Superbike School course. Though i was the slowest one out there i found that the instructors were excellent in helping me to get my techniques and abilities on the bike grounded before i could introduce my own incorrect habits.

    I found that the things i learned at SBS directly translated into things that i do on the road; i found myself being more critical of my riding now that i knew what to look for, and actively recognising my mistakes as i committed them ensuring that i made every effort to fix my bad form.

    Being very new to riding i had a ton of questions that my instructor was happy to answer, never once making me feel like a complete knob for asking what were probably very basic questions to him.

    After the course i gained a good amount of confidence and felt that i was now armed with the tools i required to further my riding skills.

    Haven't done the other course but i can say that SBS is definitely worth every cent!
  4. I think they're both worth doing, you will learn from either, and whilst yes, CSS is more for the track, the skills you learn will benefit you on the road as well.
    Personally I'd do the 'Stay Upright' course first up, it's a good, rounded course that will teach you more than the CSS. By 'more' I mean it's a more 'rounded' course, it covers many aspects of riding whereas CSS level 1 is based on a limited number of 'drills'.
    The only criticism of Stay Upright, if any, is that they cram a little too much in the one day, hard to remember it all.

    Otherwise both are very good, fantastic coaches etc; regardless of your choice, you can't really go wrong. Oh, and they're both a load of fun, enjoy. :grin:
  5. can anyone tell me if you require a full license to do the SBS courses? I'm on my P's and want to take up racing buckets next year and want some practice and coaching :D
  6. Your P's are fine.
  7. sweet, thanks
  8. Awesome parents!
    I also faced the same choices earlier this year. I went with California S-S and been very happy with that decision.

    Been told that S-U is focussed more on roadcraft while CSS is more on discovering the 'art' of cornering. They do the course at different venue too if thats also something to consider. Its true that CSS is track focussed but the skills are also applicable also on roadriding where most of my ridings be.

    CSS emphasizes only on the following simple but effective drills, which are the fundamentals of cornerings:
    1. Throttle control (get your correct entry speed)
    2. Turn points
    3. Quick turning
    4. Rider Input
    5. Two Step turning

    The first time I was out on the track with the Instructor behind me, he pulled me over to the pit straight away to correct my riding posture :LOL:

    Theres a 3rd choice now for riding school, the NEW Alex Gobert's RRPA(Road Race Performance Academy) www.rrpa.com.au
    Alex is a test-rider for the AMCN mags. Maybe this is something between SU & CSS, Im keen to try.

    For Stay-Upright, maybe PM Samsico, hes done it. Or ask him on the next hrca ride 14 Sept, he lives in Hills district too.
  9. I have done CSS Level 1, it's great and I'm just about to book myself into Level 2.

    The program is basic and it teaches you fundumentals like the ones that R-K-O mentioned. But he's a bad student and he failed on #1 :p

    Throttle control is way more then setting your correct entry speed. It's fundamental to how the bike handles in the corner and it's what makes a difference between bad handling and good handling bike. If your bike runs wide in a corner, roll on your throttle and the bike will hold it's like and you will make the turn easy and fast. They teach you all of that in the class room and after doing lots of track days I'm still far from perfecting it. Master the throttle and you will master the bike, so go and do CSS Level 1.
  10. :LOL: :LOL: Nuf what ur doing here? I thought you retired fr NR :LOL:

    yeah so I start posting on the Cruisers forum now :cool:
    (and re-read my note from the CSS)
  11. I visit every now and then, but yeap, I only do track days now :cool:

    I'm just trying to create more track day addicts :grin:

    You are right about cruisers, they don't require throttle control :wink:
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