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Stay Upright Advanced 1

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by ametha elf, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. Not sure if this is the right category to post this in, my apologies if not. Ive just completed the Stay Upright Advanced 1 course at Lakeside Raceway at Dakabin in Queensland. What a great day. Started with a 3 hour theory the night before, we covered lots of useful info about positioning, safety awareness, braking, etc. Yesterday was the big day, with an 8.15 am start. Covered posture, then almost everything I had done through my Q ride training, slalom, emergency braking, figure 8's, (the much dreaded figure 8's), U turns. I was really glad to see just how much my riding has improved, and what gave me problems when I was starting out, no longer cause even a moments hesitation. Afternoon bought the much awaited track work. We had 3 to 1 instructor ratio, and took turns at being in front. I found the track work really fun but challenging doing cornering at a faster rate than usual, had my heart in my mouth a few times but came through it unscathed and so much more confident than before. On a few laps I was caught behind a slower rider and that was about the only issue I had because I did need to work on building my cornering speed up. If anyone gets the opportunity to do a course like this one, I would not hesitate to say you have to go for it, apart from fine tuning your riding skills, its just an all round fun day. The instructors had us doubled up with laugher most of the time, it was like watching a comedy act, I had a grin from ear to ear all day, (who wouldnt, with having all day to ride around a racetrack!) and had a sore face from smiling when I got home.

  2. Very nice!

    I'm hoping to do a similar course once I get a bigger bike :D

  3. let me know when u go, ill join ya
  4. How much do these things cost and do you need full leathers? I'd consider going myself.

    I've done the advance driving course (car) and that was a blast, so I'm sure the bike version would be just as good.
  5. ZX_Ninja, this one cost me $415, some are a bit cheaper depending on where its held. You have to have an approved helmet, riding boots, gloves and jacket, just what you normally ride in, I guess. You can look on their website for more info www.stayupright.com.au
  6. So AE: this course would be good if i'm just looking to extend my current noobie skillset? I've been riding 6 months and am fairly comfortable on the main roads. I just want to build my confidence in the twisties.
  7. I did the HART Intermediate course 9 months after I got on a bike. I found it really worthwhile. I'm going to book myself in to the Advanced 1 course with them in the next month or two.
  8. Kojihama, I cant see why not!