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Stay Upright Advanced 1 {moved from general discussion}

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by lukestuart1, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. Hey guys.

    Today i did the Stay Upright Advanced 1 riding course out at Eastern Creek.
    The weather was looking pretty ordinary this morning so i rode out in wet weather gear and changed into my leathers once i got there (and the weather picked up a bit)

    The first half of the day comprised of breaking and cornering activities and after lunch we did a few laps one-on-one with an instructor and got some feedback.

    Then at the end of the day we had the opportunity to do a few laps.

    I was actually surprised with the GS500F, i was riding it pretty hard and it was getting around the track pretty comfortably, just didnt have too much on the straights.
    I was also shocked with how well i did, i was easily overtaking others on much more powerful bikes and with many more years experience than me.

    All in all it was an amazing day, i learned alot from the great staff and had ALOT of fun.
    I will be going back and doing the Advanced 2 course once i get off my P's and would recommend Stay Upright to anyone wishing to improve their skill set and have a bit of fun
  2. Re: Stay Upright Advanced 1

    Sounds great.......I assume they run the same/similar courses here in Melb?
  3. Re: Stay Upright Advanced 1

    sounds pretty good, how much did this course run you?
  4. Re: Stay Upright Advanced 1

    Ye, i would assume it would be similar to the one in VIC as they do the course down there too.

    Cost me $410, and in my books, worth every single penny
  5. Re: Stay Upright Advanced 1

    Wow - not cheap.....
  6. Re: Stay Upright Advanced 1

    Vic's stay upright advanced courses are run at broadford, I think a fair amount of that price is the cost of the track.

    Had you done any courses previously, Luke? And how much previous experience did you have? Just to make things a little more relative and to give perspective.
  7. Re: Stay Upright Advanced 1

    Did this course a couple of years ago,probably ok for beginners to below medium pace riders .This coming from someone who has 30 years on a bike just for reference.
  8. Re: Stay Upright Advanced 1

    seen youse out there today, going pretty slow around the track :)
  9. Re: Stay Upright Advanced 1

    Im looking at doing one of these advanced rider courses... Thanks for the feedback. Has anyone got any feedback from the Honda HART courses? namely:

  10. Re: Stay Upright Advanced 1

    No, i had not done any course/training before so this was my first.
    I am on my P's at the moment, picked up my bike in Dec last year (but i think i have picked it up relatively quickly)

    I thought it was good so that i could pick up techniques early on before i set into bad habbits.
    My Dad also did the course and he has been riding on and off for the last 30 years, he said it was good as they taught techniques that he has been doing incorrectly over the years.

    I was the youngest there (24) so there were people with all ranges of experience.

    Kha- i thought the same thing, it was great for me but like i said it showed the basics with alot of older people found helpful, whether it be learning a new skill or just practicing and critiquing it.

    Cheers goz, there were some bloody fast bikes out there today, 1098S, CBR929, K1200s, and then ofcourse the insturctors (gsxr600, daytona 675, cbr600 etc)
  11. Re: Stay Upright Advanced 1

    @Rocco I have done both Hart and Stay Upright advanced courses (2 years apart) with a view to both learning, practicing and reinforcing what I have learnt. Second time I was able to focus on specific areas of weakness in my riding, whereas first time was lots of information and focus on remembering key points.
    Both courses are very similar, with committed passionate instructors. I would not say one is better than the other.
    Biggest difference was second group was much smaller so we were able to get more interaction and laps with the instructors. When I do next course I will try and do it in a small class size.
  12. Re: Stay Upright Advanced 1

    Top post - I did this in March (14th) and had a bit of mixed weather as well - started raining during the e-stops which made it interesting - managed to lock up the front and rear at different times but kept her upright and taught me a valuable lesson.

    I think there is something in it for everyone - I found that I could negotiate the slow stuff easily yet struggled with the fast corners but improved throughout the day. Conversly a lot of the fast guys were horribly out of sorts on the slow stuff and knocked over cones left, right and centre.

    The instructors really are exceptional though in every way. They are clearly highly skilled and more importantly are able to pass on their knowledge. They were always positive and even when I'd completely stuffed up an excercise and was shaking my head they were able to put a positive spin on it - "knowing that you did it wrong means that you're aware of your riding therefore able to improve" or something along those lines. An easy thing to say but does put you in the correct head space for the next lot of instruction.

    I had some reservations about doing this course (but my wife bought it as a b'day present) thinking I would be holding people up, maybe I should just do intermediate etc, but would say that everyone approaches this day with the best intentions and its structured to ensure that everyone gets a decent amount of time and space to do what they need. So don't put it off, just sign up and go its a great day out.

    If I had one reservation it is that they try to fit in too many riders on the one day which means you are often queuing up to do the next exercise - I'd rather pay more and get more time to practice the exercises, but this really does not take away from an otherwise great lot of instruction.
  13. Re: Stay Upright Advanced 1

    I did that same course up here at Lakeside last year, I learnt a lot and had so much fun on the track. I wish I could afford to do Stay Upright 2, maybe one day......
  14. Have done this course a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. Probably the biggest thing I got out of it was on body positioning - I had bought a sportsbike and had ridden it a lot but never learned how to position myself on the bike to get the best control.

    Word of warning from practical experience - Make sure to take breaks and keep check of how tired you are. You don't realise it throughout the day when you're concentrating on learning all these different techniques but it's a full on day of riding and the fatigue creeps up on you, I remember being exhausted when I was riding home. During one of the last sessions of the day I dropped the bike doing a slow turning exercise and I think the fatigue was definitely a factor in that.
  15. Re: Stay Upright Advanced 1

    Mate, are you squatting at the track? Your always there............
  16. Re: Stay Upright Advanced 1

    maybe I work there :D