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Stay Tuned Brisbane...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by IceTime, May 28, 2008.

  1. Well I have seen a promo twice tonight for tomorrows news (channel 9) about some whinger complaining about bikes parked in the city :roll: Calling them fuel misers... :roll: and demanding action from the mayor.

    Action? How about free parking on footpaths!! I will have to watch now... just to confirm my outtrage :p Damn them, they have snared me!
  2. the reason why there are complaints about the bikes is because most humans have the inability to negotiate their way around small objects.
    so,as modern society dictates,we blame others for our idiocy.
  3. Yep, you're not the only one looking forward to that...I'm hoping Can-do Campbell has a plan to make footpath parking legal for us! :grin:
  4. Do the 1 Park 1 Bike like they did in Melbourne - Can-Do can't ignore that!
  5. Probably the best idea ... turn up in the city & valley before peak hour and "utilise" as many parking spaces as we can get bikes together ... with a sign naming the whinger saying "This is what <whinger> wants ... do you?! We'd prefer common sense and park where space allows!" :grin:
  6. Download and print off lots of copies of the Victorian parking guidelines for distribution at the same time.

    Available here...
  7. Thanks for that Tony. I'll be watching the news tonight, and pending the Brisbane City Council's comments, be sending a copy to every councillor. :wink:
  8. There is a new version of the guidelines coming out shortly but the only real difference is that it has upgraded pictures (with more pictures of how not to park)and refers to motorcycles and scooters.
  9. I'd totally be up for that. I don't even park in the city but hey, if it has the potential to put me and my bike out in any way...
  10. what a joke
  11. Dropped the ball on this one... anyone manage to catch the undoubtedly retarded news? piece...
  12. Video's not up on their website...but in short, wasn't much more than a filler piece. There were actually a number of short quotes from riders, none from anyone else aside from Campbell Newman, who didn't really say much of anything except that they have to draw the line somewhere and stop turning a blind eye to illegal parking where it becomes dangerous - something to that effect anyhow.
  13. i think channel 7 is doing some bullshit news about motorcycle parking as well = :cry: