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Stay Left Unless Overtaking

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pringa8, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Why is it so fvcken hard?? I need a rant.

    Driving along an 80km dual carriage way this morning. Going up the left lane, see this idiot is in the right hand lane with a string of cars riding her @rse. I'm now up beside her, conveniently as we're passing a big fvck off sign saying "Stay Left Unless Overtaking". I feel the need to point out this massive sign that she's ignoring, she gives me the whatever look just as the road turns into three lanes, in which she proceeds to move straight into the furthest right hand lane.

    Is it me or is the fvck you and everyone else out here attitude growing daily?
  2. Welcome to Sydney!

    Our overpriced housing and utter failure of a public transport system is specifically designed to keep the population too busy working to fight or lobby for any improvements to the place.

    Have you tried our increased rego costs, price-fixed CTP insurance or raised tolls lately?
    They're delicious!
  3. I just moved to NSW so I'm soon to cop a load!
  4. In Vic it is not a law unless the speed limit is greater than 80kmh I think.
  5. Yep. You don't need to know how to merge, how to overtake, how to be courteous or how to keep left, but the Government will spend millions telling you not to exceed and arbitrary and overly low speed limit.
  6. 1. To some extent the 'what is the law?' debate is pointless. It's good manners and good sense. The law sets a minimum standard, not a maximum. We need to exceed that if we're going to actually make the world a better place.

    2. However, there may also be an anomaly in the law: is there a 'no overtaking on the left' law even when there's no 'keep left unless overtaking' law? That would be... silly.

    3. +1 on the point about education: an advertising campaign on keeping left, merging and lane changing could do more to save lives and reduce accidents than many on speed. Let's see it.
  7. It pertains to unmarked roads, not marked and separate lanes.
  8. Ah, OK - just me before coffee, then. ;)
  9. Yeah, that's the national rule. Thing that p1ssed me off was the sign was right there, being pointed out to her, and she still didn't give a toss.

    I can't see why the overtaking rule can't apply in 60 zones with two or more lanes, it's the same concept, just a different speed zone.
  10. *cough*bike-mounted bazooka*cough*
  11. whinge whinge whinge
    didnt take you long to become a sydney whinger
    oh and welcome to sydney :)
  12. I had the same issue the other night. My ride home has only a very few overtaking lanes on it, and I know where they all are, so usually it's a good ride. But this 'person' (using the term loosely) just went to the right every single time and sat there going a lot slower than I wanted to go, and getting me stuck behind even slower traffic. I flashed the lights and blew the horn (need me a Stebel) but s/he just sat there, either oblivious or not caring.

    I think some of it is smugness, and is actually tightly related to all the crap about speeding: "I'm sitting on the speed limit, so you shouldn't want to overtake me because then you'd be speeding AND DIE!"
  13. I can't wait to leave Sydney. I love this city, but I'm sick of living here. Just as well we just bought a house in the country!

  14. We get the same crap in brissy. What really pisses me off is when you have an empty 2 lane road (so four lanes going both ways) and there are two cars sitting beside each other creating a moving road block, i mean you have the whole road why do you have to sit beside each other.

  15. Oh, I forgot to mention, I only really get annoyed at stupid people in the RH lane when caging it.

    There is ALWAYS a way to overtake on the bike :grin:
  16. ha ha, i'm hearin ya!
  17. It's clear that respect and courtesy have left the planet.

    And with the "Me Me Me" / "Paris Hilton" / "Lindsay Lohan" generation coming through it's only going to get worse.

    I wept for chivalry as it was loaded into the hearse.

  18. But it's basic common courtesy to do it at any speed.
    It's the "f*&k everyone else I'll do what I want" attitude that seems to be becoming extremely common with road users that's the biggest problem on the roads at the moment.
    Even more disturbing that some people are proud of the fact.
  19. Buy a landcrusier :twisted:
  20. Rather than some of the death & destruction ads about driving/riding safely, I'd like to see some basic ads about things like keeping left, merging properly onto freeways, how to use roundabouts etc. etc.

    All the things that we see badly done a dozen times a day.

    (oh yes - and here in Melbourne how to do a hook turn properly... :evil: )