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Stay alert and ride safe

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Jorn, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. I am a fellow rider, long time browser, not so often poster (no bike at present but like to keep in the know) who works in a major South West Sydney Hospital. I spent a shift in the Emergency department a few days ago which I felt compelled I needed to share with you.

    Although we often get motorcycle accidents (MBAs) this day we had 3 separate accidents in the space of 7 hours. 1 accident was bike v pole + or - car, but the other 2 were bike v truck (sideswipes). One of these also involved a pillion rider. All 4 riders should be ok but total injuries include: fractured heel, ankle, ribs, humerus, femur and one punctured lung. Two riders requiring surgery. All requiring hospitalization.

    While it is not my role to speculate on the exact details of the accidents, I can't help but feel they could have been prevented. By sharing this I hope it just reminds us of how vulnerable we all are. I know after a while we can get complacent and forget the basic road survival skills. Maybe this will act as a little reminder to keep your guard up guys. Just think of the time off work, having to rely on family and worst of all, lost riding time and damaged bikes.

    Rubber side down. :wink:
  2. Timely reminder as the weather turns to biking friendly and lots of noobs and unpracticed riders join the throng.

  3. Thanks, Jorn, sobering details. I think anyone who rides out without having the potential for a crash or unforseen event in the conscious part of he mind maybe shouldn't go out riding that day.
  4. A particularly good reason to stay the hell away from trucks. They have large blind-spots and give way to no man, bike or car. Split, speed, filter. Do whatever you have to to stay out of their way.
  5. think of an accident, and surely it would increase the chance of havn one :grin:
  6. Hence why Jorn phrased it positively as 'stay safe'. ;)

    I agree that envisaging safety will encourage that into your life (though not as mystically as 'the Secret' and such mumbojumbo), but 'safety' is pretty amorphous to try to visualise.

    Having the imagination to 'see' what could happen to you if that truck pulls across on you, though, and therefore giving the b$#%&@ the absolute minimum possible opportunities to do so, works toward that goal.
  7. Appreciated for sharing the news Jorn. Will ride the bike with the rule of safety comes first, Thank you for your the advice.
  8. robsalvv,

    in regards to your comment "lots of noobs and unpracticed riders join the throng".

    I can't go into too many details coz of confidentiality issues but the more worrying thing was at least 1 of the truck accidents was a very experienced rider. The other 2 weren't exactly new to the bike scene either. Think that goes to say something. When we get more experienced, especially when we are fatigued when can let our guard down. Only takes a second, next thing you know you are getting up close with a truck. When in the cage we are able to get off lightly when we make mistakes, on the bike we can't afford to make any.
  9. Right on Jorn, that goes without saying. It's like electricians who get complacent around electricity because they work with the hazard every day... then get zapped.

    Your point is well made.
  10. I have noticed heaps of accidents involving motorcyclists lately. Is this because I now have a bike and take more notice or is it the time of year they all get out and ride??

    I am thinking both?

    A death on the road this morning here in Melbourne. Condolences to his/her family all the same. It is a tragedy for anyone to be killed at anytime, but being a motorbike forum send my condolences out there.
  11. live to ride, die to be remembered!
  12. I'm feeling the same. Almost every morning i listen to the traffic report i hear of a motorbike incident.

    And thanks for the reminder to keep a level head and wear the gear.

  13. Ever since I started taking lesson I hear these accident stories... very scary
  14. oh ffs there is not an accident every farkin morning involving motorcyclists
    stop exaggerating folks.
    Yes accidents happen and in warmer weather you hear of it more because seasonal riders break out their leathers and dust off the cobwebs and ride like they drive.
    Stay alert
    Ride within your limits always assume the driver is not looking and most of all keep your safety buffers.
    Stop concentrating on the negatives and focus on the positives of riding.
  15. oh, really? do tell cus every time i log on this site the moDsquad do their damdest to hide this fact. i'm assuming you deleted my post?

    you know, this is not a bad thing. every now and then some on here need to be reminded of the fact that riding is not all cotton candy.

    the OP gave us a friendly reminder. nothing wrong with that!

    think happy thoughts, please go to the jokes and humour section or buy a vespa. :p