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Stator winding

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by nnila, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. Hi all,
    I have a Daytona 675 and the stator has gone. I spoke to triumph about a new one and they want an obscene $701 for a new one.
    There's a company in the UK that will rewind it with better quality copper than oem for £127.
    Does anyone know of any places in Australia (I'm in Victoria) that would rewrap a stator and that do a really good job of it?

    All suggestions appreciated.

  2. Talk to Uncle Greg (y)
  3. Small coil rewinds in Geelong.
  4. Couldn't remember who but did remember someone in Geelong.

    I know of another guy who used them and he said much higher quality than the original.
  5. You could DIY with a little patience and google.
  6. With something as important as this I'm going to leave it to the pros.
  7. What year is your Daytona nnila? How many Ks? If it is just out of warranty Triumph may do it under goodwill.
  8. It's a 2006 with 41k km. Triumph I don't think will be doing this ;)
  9. Yeah that's a bit past what they would do. But small coil in Geelong will rewind it for you.
  10. As Benny already mentioned, I am pretty sure Uncle GregUncle Greg had a rewind on his Daytona stator. I am sure he will advise
  11. mine was done in Coburg via Mototecnic in Knoxfield about $300 fitted if I remember
    give em a ring and tell them you ride with greg on the red daytona
  12. How long ago did you get it done from them? How long has it lasted? They said they just outsource it too small coil rewind.
    I've spoken to them directly and they want 300. They say they give no warranty though.
    I've found a guy up in NSW who seems to know a lot about them in general and had no hesitation saying he would warranty it and how long did I want. He's 350.
  13. You can try this place, a friend of mine had his 1999 R6 stator done by him, sorry but I cant remember the price but I do remember him saying that he used better wire than OEM.
    He is in Chiltern Vic just before Albury on the Hume Hwy.
  14. My brother had it done a few years ago by some place in Geelong for his aging Z650. The guy said it took him a while to get his head around how to wind it but its been great ever since.
    If you’re brave and patient you could have a go at it yourself. You would need a good length of the exact same gauge of enamelled copper wire and carefully unwind the existing one while making note of the number and direction of all of the turns as well as their termination points. Be careful not to mix up the end polarities. The rest is usually just solder and a layer of Araldite epoxy holding it all together with maybe a thin layer of tape or varnish in places like around the core or over the top to protect the windings. Araldite runs smooth and soaks in well in if you blow on it a bit with a hair dryer or heat gun. Also make sure that all of the windings are firm and neat.

    Another question to consider is why did the stator fail in the first place? Is there a fault or some additional accessory like heated grips that is putting extra current load on the whole system?
  15. Coderewinds is the cheapest yet. Seems to know quite a lot and charges 250.
    No warranty though on it for this bike.
  16. Yeah I remember talking to him and he reminded me of one of those Paul Hallam type of blokes, very knowledgeable and great at what he does.
  17. Triumphs are notorious for it, I suspect their cooling is not adequate in the Aussie climate. You have to remember they are under constant load because they have a permanent magnet rotor. This is common for most motorcycles. A shunt regulator shorts the input out by either analog load in the case of older type or pulse width modulation in the newer mosfet regulators.
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  18. I think I understood most of the technical stuff you said but just to be sure could you repeat the bit that came after "A".
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  19. I keep meaning to write a thread on how the charge system works. :) I suppose I should stop avoiding it.
  20. I just assumed the alternator span at high speed, the electrons ran up the wires trying to keep the hell out of the way and those that made it through the reg/rec ended up falling into the battery.