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Stator or Battery

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by shanegordon13, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. Hi guys,

    First post. PLEASE HELP!

    I wasnt able to ride my Hyosung GT650R for a couple weeks and when I went to take it out it wouldnt start. It sounded like a dead battery.

    In my old bike Id just charge it up and I was good to go so thats exactly what I did.

    I charged it overnight and put it back in the following night. I started it up and it started perfectly. I turned it off straight away and left it at that.

    Again, another two weeks would pass before I was able to take it out again and again it wouldnt start!

    Ive attached a link to a YouTube clip of me trying to start it so you can hear how it sounds.

    Facebook comments have ranged from battery, to stator, to regulator.

    Id understand if I had ridden and used up the charge over a number of days but the fact it died without even being turned on has me baffled now.

    Has anyone had anything similar?
  2. check voltage with a multimeter, before and after charging. before starting, and during running (3-4000rpm)
  3. If it goes flat without use then I would say it has to be battery. Going flat with use is the stator.
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  4. once they go totally flat they will die quicker after charging - get a new battery as your one is dead
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  5. Invest in a battery charger with a maintain function.
    You leave it connected and your bike will be ready to go anytime.
    A battery not holding a charge for two weeks though, is on its way out.

    Edit to add:

    Here's the one I use. I leave my other bike for 8-10 weeks between rides, starts first time.

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  6. Probably the battery but before you race out and buy a new one buy a multimeter (around $15 from the likes of Supercheap, Bunnings or Jaycar) and do a few tests.

    Charging a battery and then leaving the bike for another two weeks isn't going to help the battery. They need to be kept charged and the simplest way to do this is ride the bike.

    To check if the bike is charging check the battery voltage with bike off then start the bike and check again with bike running a bit above idle. You will expect something around 12.5 V from the battery with engine off (probably closer to 12V if battery is dodgy and on its way out and with the bike running it should go up to say 13.5V - 14V. If it does this bike is charging and problems are with the battery.

    If you get the battery charged and use the bike daily you may get away with the existing battery for a bit but if it is going flat in 2 weeks it is definitely on its way out and only a matter of time before it fails completely.

    If the voltage doesn't go up when the bike is running the there is something wrong with charging. Assuming wiring is good the most likely culprits are the regulator/rectifier or the alternator stator. If you google you will find plenty of YouTube videos on how to check these.

    What ever the issue just ride the bike.
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