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Stationery drop - With assistance

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GreyBM, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. Was going home from work Thursday night and waiting for traffic at a roundabout so I could make a RH Turn. I usually stay a little to the left to smooth out the turn and this time I must have stayed a little too far because a car comes from behind me and instead of stopping behind squeezes alongside on my right. I’ve been indicating for a right turn the whole time so I think it’s a bit bad mannered but then I think well if bikes can lane split I guess cars can too.

    He still stays with his front slightly behind mine so I figure there is no way he can’t see my blinkers and he will still let me go first. But when the traffic allows and I take off he tries to come with me. And he is now behind but going straight through the intersection on my right as I turn right. The physics of trying to put separate object into the same space don’t work out so well and he clips my rear with the front LH side of his car. We are at low speed so I stop and get off the bike and he gets out of the car and we both check out damage. We are still both in the roundabout so we manage to stop all the traffic. It’s dark but damage appears to be only cosmetic. OK, not good - but if I am going to be involved in an accident I’m happy with this. It could have been worse.

    I ask the driver what he thinks he is doing and didn’t he see my indicator. OK I was a tad upset so I probably wasn’t overly polite in the way I asked. And he replies stating that I was a f#&@*king idiot. So we quickly settle in for a few minutes of screaming at each other. At one point he sort of charges at me and I suddenly reassess my situation. He is bigger than me - not hard; he is younger than me – also not hard - wtf am I doing here. So I start to back off and decide to let things go when the prick kicks at my bike. Now this pisses me off so I go over to the front of his car and make a big play of noting his rego. He runs between me and his car and makes a big play of trying to hide it. Then I walk away pull out my phone with a view to ringing the police.

    At this point the guy goes to my bike puts a foot on the seat and shoves hard and the bike goes down. And while I’m looking in disbelief at the bike he jumps in the car and takes off.

    Luckily two guys come forwarded to say they are happy to be witnesses. One has seen everything the other has missed the initial accident but seen the guy kick my bike over. Then an ambulance just happens to come by as we are picking the bike up and assumes there is an accident and calls police.

    The good bit is that police are now after this guy and talking things like malicious damage; leaving the scene of an accident without exchanging details; assault (I didn’t realise you don’t need to touch someone and it can still be assault). The bad bit is that he has left his known address so it may take a while to catch up with him. And it turns out they were interested in speaking with him for something similar even before our little interlude.

    Bike damage includes broken rear vision mirror, broken driving light lens (put on for the Icicle Ride so they lasted less than a fortnight), scratching to paint work and, rocker cover crash bar and exhaust. And small (hopefully it will stay this way) crack in fairing.

    I guess if I had dropped it myself I would probably fix the mirror and lights and possibly put up with the rest of the damage. Those of you who know my bike know it isn’t the spit and polished show pony that some of you guys ride and like me it’s starting to show its age a little. The damage is relatively minor but the cost of restoring will be significant. The crack in the fairing would probably involve hours of work to repair or replace and would involve respraying none of which is cheap. But I am just a tad pissed off to think that this damage was deliberate.

    Not happy Jan.
  2. FMD not good.

    In your situation I don't think I could have been so polite, lol.

    I would have headbutted him or something similar I think. :evil:
  3. Lets hope the cops charge him, what a prick....
  4. Bad luck and I hope its sorted out GBM.
    Post his reg and we'll all keep an eye out mate.
  5. Are you in Preston VIC?

    If so id be interested in the make of the car and the reg too, just to keep an eye out of course.. ya know, so i can stay clear :wink:
  6. GreyBM

    Charge the pr*ick to the letter of the law, claim on his insurance , & then sue him! Teach the tosser alesson!
  7. Sorry to hear about the incident Grey, shame to hear some pr!ck has decided to disrespect your proprty (and personal space at the intersection!)

    Hope he gets his one day...
  8. Bad news, but at least you didn't have to defend yourself physically from this fruit loop.

    Good news on the witnesses, and I hope they stick to their intention of helping.

    I'll PM you with a possible lead for replacement parts (mentioned this in passing when we were talking old Beemer bits).

    Cheers, Mike
  9. You have to be kidding me Dave! Sorry to hear mate, but there are more and more of these highly strung wankers out there every day unfortunately. If you'd like to learn how to better protect yourself in these instances you know where I am mate.

    What an asshole :evil:
  10. Perhaps not the best course of action. Maybe better to have pulled the bike in front of him, got off and had a (polite) chat to the driver about where his actions potentially could take you both if you had not acted (crash, ambos, police etc).

    You have entirely too much common sense and patience :)

    Yeah... see I'm having a hard time working out how he got back in his car to drive away. Five seconds after he kicked your bike over he should have been lying on the ground. You're helmeted and have leather gloves: use them.

    Seriously though, while I rarely have issues with wanker cage drivers in traffic (other than the usual SMIDSY), the driver's actions here were utterly out of line and were I unfortunate enough to find myself in your situation, I guarantee the driver would have ended up in no condition to go anywhere without medical assistance.

    White hot rage is not your friend but it does get results.
  11. He hits you and calls you a f#*ken idiot, man i dont know how you held it together... Hope the MOFO pays up big time and gets done by coppers. Thats bullshit.

    Good luck with it.
  12. Sorry to hear, GBM...best outcome in a way though...people saw it, cops are onto it, little damage, you're not hurt.

    But it'll really help your cause that you didn't take a swing at him. Now he looks like the real ****. If you had thrown one at him, the cops might not have been so helpful and it may not have been seen as solely his fault.

    Well handled mate.
  13. yeah no need to touch to be assault

    once he hits you its battery, and then he can get charged with assault + battery which are two separate crimes carrying different penalties

    chase it up and make sure they really go after him
  14. Sorry to hear this Grey and glad you are OK.
  15. Not in Victoria. Being in fear of an assault is the same as actually being assaulted. Of course you can't be charged with a higher level assault without actually causing injury.
  16. Thats an absolute bastard GBM,.......much as we'd all like to sometimes you did well not to get involved with this lunatic.........who knows what he may have done next...........dont think its worth it to get shivved over something so minor anfd it sounds like this might be just the type of A*hole to have one in his pocket :evil:

    Whats the bet if the plod catch him he's unlicensed and uninsured.. :twisted:

    Cheers Rogues
  17. That is utterly farked Grey!! Utterly! I just don't get people who operate from an anger mode at all times.

    Thanks goodness this didn't happen in America - that dude would have pulled a gun for sure. :shock:

    What's the car type and rego. Name and shame Grey.
  18. Sorry GBM, sometimes people are just plain assholes.
    On the upside ( if there is one ), the witnesses & the police interest in the guy. Hope it get resolved without causing you too much stress.
  19. Unbelievable.

    No other word for it.

    I really do hope this guy gets absofcukinlutely REAMED for this.
  20. There are so many idiots in the world. :roll: It sounds like the guy was looking for trouble, and when he couldn't find it, he made some.

    I'm glad you aren't hurt Dave. The bike can be fixed.