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Stating the obvious

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Macca1983, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. My first early morning ride to work today 5:30am and I think i froze my nuts off, yes I know it's winter and I know it's only gonna get colder, quiet often get frost on the car windscreen this time of year, but want to ride as often as i can. I have a dririder jacket which does the job nicely on the upper half of me but I dont have anything to keep my legs warm. I have a pair of kevlar jeans my they not gonna help in the wet and only do so much in this frigid weather. any suggestions for decent/economic pants

  2. Layers.
    Get some thermal pants under the jeans, then wear a pair of waterproof pants over them.
  3. Mate, I bought a pair dririder thermals, $30, then a pair of trackies, then my jeans. I reckon one more pair of trousers and that should be right for the depths of winter. Change at work, so no biggie.
  4. what NK said, thermals and waterproofs
  5. cheap wet weather pants will break the wind chill as long as you've got jeans underneath.
  6. honestly, try a good quality wetsuit such as one of the upper range oneill/xxx/ripcurl. there's not much that can be warmer than those (when they're dry) for such small space. The can get too hot though.

    Otherwise, strip some wire ends bare, attach a 5mV power source and tape eht electrodes to either side of your gooch.
  7. Wear layers like the others said. I wear thermals, a pair of fleece liners from and old pair of rjays winter pants and then the kevlar jeans. On really cold rides I throw the waterproofs over the top.
    With my top half I sometimes wear up to six layers...a thermal long sleeve shirt, long sleeve t shirt, normal t shirt, jumper, bike jacket and a fleece vest over the top. very warm even on the coldest days.
  8. I was doing the thermals, jeans and over pants things.

    IMO, the layers thing every day is a bit of an event (on the bottom half) so I've purchased (arrived today actually) some proper, winter riding pants. Should be better on the water proof front, possibly better on the protection (they have armour in the knees and hips fwiw), they zip into my jacket, designed not to ride up/leak at the boots and the thermal lining is removable should I feel the need.

    I'll let you know how they go in the real world...

    Top half is work shirt and jacket with the fleecy liner in.
  9. and if you painted your face orange you could work for willy wonka

    In all seriousness, after the wetsuit get a one piece all climate thingo.
  10. Used to love good wetty warmer when I was getting out there, now I uess it would be a sign of my advancing age
  11. Top - cotton vest, work shirt, micro fleece, riding jacket with thermal lining
    Bottom - compression thermal underwear, draggin jeans
    Gloves - inner gloves, normal riding gloves

    Have worn the neck warmer a few times but the micro fleece sort of covers the neck anyways.
  12. I rode from the city to deep west the other night. Didn't bother with my thermals on the ride out (laziness) and I still have tingling in my left hand.

    Thermals are a must for anyone riding in winter. Make sure you get some thermal under-gloves as well.
  13. Or just move to QLD. Perfect temps all year.

    On second thoughts, don't. I don't like sharing. :p
  14. I used to wear thermals but i got tired of the extra layer in the crotch area when it came to toilet time. I just went and bought a set of leg warmers from the local footpowered bike shop. These have been great in the past. Great for hiking in the colder months too without resorting to big bulky clothes.

    However my car has died so for those extra early starts i have a set of ski pants i just bought during the Aldi sale as a backup.
  15. Lower - Thermals, Jeans/trackies (depending on if I go gym or not), Draggins over the top
    Upper - Thermals, T-shirt/long sleeves, hooded jacket (to be cool), leather summer jacket with thermal liner, neck warmer.
    Hands - Winter riding gloves.
    Feet - 2 layers of socks and touring boots.

    I have no issues with body or leg warmth, however toes get a bit cold if I wear a single layer of socks and my hands always cop the most chill factor with tingly fingers at work. Going to invest in some Oxford heated grips, design my own wind breaker for the levers, balaclava cause I hate my chin/mouth getting cold, Dryrider pants and jacket and I should be set for better winter riding.
  16. The only thing that I ever really feel cold is my hands. Even with gloves liners my hands feel cold, if its ~10 degrees again when I head off for work tomorrow I'm gonna try out my ski-gloves and see how they feel on the controls.

    Also as for thermals you don't need expensive ones, my kmart ones are great and were only $16 for some long johns. Unfortunately you've missed the Aldi snow gear range because there's were even cheaper, $25 for a top and bottom set. I also picked up some skins style compression ones and they are really good. It's a really strange sensation with them though, its like you can feel that it is a lower temperature than with the normal ones but at the same time you can tell it isn't affecting you as much because of the compression. I think the compressive ones keep the wind out a bit better, so maybe try getting a pair of skins (or cheap equivalent) from a sports store.

    Last thing I can say is the obvious make sure you tuck all your undershirts into your jeans and then have the jumper go over them. My fleece has an elastic round the bottom so it holds itself on to my belt. Can't feel the wind at all. As for balaclavas I don't bother, if you have a scarf or a high neck you won't feel the wind on your face.
  17. i took the easy way out and got the dririder pants that go with my jacket :)

    you can get them cheap too at this point in time if you shop around.
  18. Just did the Oxford hot grips on the WeeStrom and now everything is toasty! And I agree about layers but my layers all go over my work gear so it's just a matter of pealing them off when I get to work.
  19. Love it!! =D>
  20. Get up around 4 and drink about a litre of water. Then when you start to get cold let natures heater flow.