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Static Patrol on Tullamarine Tollway

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by randy_rider, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. Everyday for the last two weeks on my way to work there has been a static patrol car parked off the tollway up behind a large bushy shrub on the way into town.
    It's in Essendon, just before the Matthews Avenue exit.

    This morning the copper was standing in front of the car just watching the traffic drift by. It was hard to resist stopping to ask him just what the ? it was he was hoping to see. At that time of the day there is no danger of speeding as the whole road is choked and no body can do more than 30kph there.

    What is the point of having this guy standing by the side of the road??
  2. If the cars are only doing 30 kays, he's probably single and looking for a pretty girl!
  3. probably acting as a 'visual reminder' that cops are 'out in force' and ready to pounce. If they actually wanted to just catch and book people, the unmarked sedans usually do a much better job.
  4. Hmm, maybe, or maybe he is trying to finish a crossword?
  5. Tulla or Calder Randy?

    In among the tree's is a popular spot near McNamara Ave at non peak times on the Calder inbound to catch traffic going down the hill from the Ring Rd towards the Calder/Tulla merge.

    and that's a 110km/h+ section at 7:30am. Beyond McNamara Ave in the "car park" the emergency lane is popular among bikes and cars queue jumping. I hate people who queue jump, especially since one rear ended me a few weeks ago :evil:

    Also noticed one floating around outbound between Bell Street & Bulla Road most mornings for the past few weeks.
  6. They should use cardboard cut-outs then :p
  7. Wha?! I thought they already did for anything that wasn't speeding.
  8. asking for directions to wendys to get donuts :D
  9. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. where the traffic bottle necks and banks back past the exit , the copper will be waiting for bikes, taxi's and anyone else who shoots up the emergancy lane and across the painted strips , and on to the on ramp then push in further up .
  11. Very true there - people taking the emergency exits are a problem (even more so around Blackburn Rd on the south eastern when there is a busy peak hour).

    In fact around Blackburn Rd is a hiding spot for rader as well.......
  12. Yeah it's a real pain in the bum

    He was trying to queue jump by jumping onto an on ramp at the time and his front right corner found my left rear corner and a very grumpy PVDA in the drivers seat :roll:

  13. Won't be long before they ask the way to KrispyKreme Donuts. :D
  14. Yeah, PVDA, it is the Calder. I should look at a map before I post.

    Looking for Queue jumpers? That would explain why the left hand lane is always empty.

    Maybe he's broken down there and is still waiting for a cab?
  15. I found the quickest way in the morning peak is to keep to the left hand lane as far as you can and then force your way over to the right handfast lane which gives you a clear run through the merge but don't tell anyone :-$
  16. mmmmmm, Krispy Cremes!!!

    On the subject of police patrols, I'm probably going to be in Melbourne visiting my son during the school holidays, what do I need to look out for???
  17. Yep, that's what I do.
  18. Speed cameras
    4WD parked on the side of the road (RAV4 Type & CRV type)
    Point to point cameras (most hwy and ring roads
    unmarked commadores
    unmarked police bikes (hondas and BMW)
    coppers sitting back up on ramps
    sitting up against bridges on verge as well on hume , and also middle of the road.
  19. Mmm, sounds just like NSW only more so.
    So I should have eyes in the back of my head and creep along at 60k's by the sounds of it.
    Oh well, just have to be super careful, I guess.
    Do they still book you for being 3km/h over the limit?
  20. Speed is +4 up too 70
    then +6-7 afterwards.
    7 starting around 100kph

    63 your safe 64 your gone
    86 gone 85 safe
    106 safe 107 gone