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Stater motor fried

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mdart, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. Hi I took the bike for a long ride out to the Superbikes on the weekend and my Kawasaki ZZR-600 1994 died out at the track. Lucky I found someone from Team Motto that was willing to help get mike bike back to their workshop. he said its the stater motor I was after an opinion about if I can replace it with other stater motors from other bikes. he said if he cant find a replacement then he would send it away to get it rewound which could take three weeks , way too long in the car. I habe only been riding for two months now so any help is very much appreciated.

  2. I checked Kawasakis online parts diagrams at http://tinyurl.com/687ew

    I plugged the starter motor part numbers for a few different models around yours into my Zedders Kawasaki Cross Reference program and it appears they are VERY model specific, so nothing crosses over as such.

    So for all my searching for you, at this stage it appears the two options are either a wreckers or get yours rewound.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help .. maybe someone else can come up with something??

    Good luck ....

  3. I would check the wreckers first before considering rewinding.
  4. HI Birdrock thanks for trying, I was wondering what parts are available from other model bikes that would fit mine. How do I find this out
  5. Mdart you will quickly find that motorcycle starters are made by about three companies mitsubishi nippon denso and another brand that slips my mind at the moment

    The problem is that each model is usually tailor made for that bike in question they are not like car starters at all the other problem is that people who rebuild them and offer change overs are virtually non existant in that they have to stock such a range

    We pay a price for the electric boot option and unfortunately your query is pretty easy

    Wreckers or rewinders only or go to your local Kwaka dealer mate for a newy

    If it was a bosch unit old volksy beetle bits fit both of my laverdas but you cannot get the armitures for love nor money

    Good luck with it mate
  6. Kwaka dealer,or wreckers for sure.good luck. Hey brucey,getten out on the laverda much these days,and has you sis moved in ok in tassie?hope you and your family are well.
  7. Do you mean 'starter motor' or 'stator'?
  8. Good point Johnny .. I just assumed "starter motor" but yep could have meant "stator rotor" :?

    Given the talk of "getting it rewound" I figured .. starter motor .. the stator rotor doesn't have the windings .. the "stator coil" does .. hence my "assumption" of "starter motor" ... watch this space .. for clarification ... :LOL:
  9. Once again the O SHOW has come through with the goods.
  10. Thanks for the confidence buddy, but I really aint done jack shit so far :? :wink:
  11. Some 'stators' and 'stator rotors' can be rewound (not on a ZZR though)
  12. Yep :grin: ... what he said ^^^^^^^^^^

    Chat amongst yerselves ... am just makin' a cuppa ... brb :LOL:
  13. I found a Stator at bris bike wreckers, they require a changeover,the kawasaki dealer said if we couldnt get a reco then they would send it off to get rewound. i used www.finapart.com.au very handy site
  14. When I was looking at getting a startor rewound through Kawasaki, it seems very few poeple will do them, the only place found in this half of the world was a guy at Newcastle I think it was.

    the information that i got at the time was every one sends to this guy, bike dealers and wreckers alike.

    If you need a re-wind, don't pay your local dealers mark-up on price, ask around who actualy does it and deal with them directly to save much $

    Sorry I don't have his contacts any more, mine was irepairable and a replacement was bought from Texas, USA for $140. Kawasaki charges over $1300 for my starter. Kelen Kawasaki at Penrith broke it and then told me to get stuffed.