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Statement from London mujahid censored?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by duncan_bayne, May 23, 2013.

  1. I'm sure you'll have seen news footage of the mujahid on the BBC, ITV etc. Interesting fact: most of these sources deliberately cut the bits where he's explaining his religious motives.

    A better video (somewhat gruesome, mind you) is online here:


    The transcript is as follows:

  2. Not censorship just not giving people like this a forum for their misguided beliefs. According to them everything bad in the world can be laid at the feet of the west. Conveniently ignoring Sunni vs Shiite vs Wahhabi vs Salafists.

    Their claim the eye for an eye statement as justification is a perversion of the fundamental respect for life contained in the Koran.
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  3. It only takes one misguided fool and it can quickly become an "us v's them" situation.
  4. Just sheer and utter stupidity. What these people had done to that guy is just plain wrong. Anyone that claims an eye for a eye is also a dick head and deserves the same fate as him. No person should be butchered like this man, no matter his religion, race or what ever the hell they are.

    I feel sorry for the non extreme Muslims, this has not helped the look of this religion, and has certainly created extra tension between non Muslims and Muslims in the UK.
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  5. I just hope the media has the integrity to NOT publicise these bastards motives for them this time.
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  6. That's why they have sort of edited the video... If anything, don't give these dogs the light of day to promote their violence and hate and hopefully they will get their brains sorted out
  7. what... you mean like Gerge W claiming 'God told me to end the tyranny in Iraq'???
  8. All religious people claiming they are doing it for god are friggin idiots. Period.
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  9. Take religion out of it. There are insane morons and regular people.
  10. Take religion out and there are normal people lol
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  11. What if ignoring their motivations hampers society's ability to deal with the problem they pose?
  12. The same Insane morons will look for a cause, in this case religion. Look at the fruit loops that make up social active groups like Greenpeace or the terrorists that hide behind the PETA banner.

    The media are currently focusing on the religious loonies, because they're easy to find and do their best to be found in so many cases. Insane morons are out there hiding under many rocks.
  13. It highlights the difference between liberalism and libertarian, with the stark contrast between the west wing 9/11 episode and individuals such as Hitchens, Harris, Maher and the like in their view of Islam.

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  14. Taking the pretence of Religion out of it and its exactly the same as what Charlie Manson wanted,a war.I wounder how these morons would feel on hearing that.I just hope there are no more reprisals from the great unwashed,Thats just what both Charlie and the resent murders want.
  15. What evidence have you that it's a pretense? The perpetrator clearly and lucidly claims a religious basis for his actions.
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  16. It's true that radical islam is violent. It's true that a large proportion of violent killers are islamist radicals. In the justifiable outrage about this, just don't lose sight of the fact that the vast majority of their victims are non-violent, non-fundamentalist muslims.
    I'm really not sure what is being argued for here - state repression of religious belief? Cultural cleansing?
  17. I'm still trying to process what these guys did and its implications on society. The War on Terror (tm) is sort of like a catalogue of horrors and the timeline is punctuated by moments like 9/11, the Nick Berg beheading and so on. This event is the latest nightmarish moment that sets a new low, another desensitazing act. And yet again, the media is more than willing to play its role.

    Whether it is the mainstream media airing footage of a man holding a knife and meat cleaver in blood soaked hands, and, like some sort of perverse joke, apologising that women and children had to witness what he just did. Or whether it is one of the many online websites that will no doubt have the full, uncut horror uploaded, from dozens of different mobile phones as passersby stood and watched. The media plays its role. That's the point. The audience is what is important to the perpetrators. Propaganda of the deed. Terrorism 101. It goes back to the birth of modern terrorism, 19th century anarchists. But now everyone has a camera phone and social media helps you reach millions within minutes.
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  18. There's no censorship the full speech was on BBC, ITV, FOX and SKY news.

    So what he's a Religious loon.
  19. Whether or not it's a pretence is moot, but "eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth.." is not an Islamic concept. It has its roots in Christianity.

    Which brings me to the conclusion that these guys are/were clearly confused and misguided (which btw all such people are who perpetrate such acts in the name of religion) to have committed this act of brutality.
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  20. Not Christianity Judaism.
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